Monday 12 September 2016

Sad News In LouLouLand

Me And My Godfather Around 1978 

Hi Guys x If you follow me on twitter then you already know that over the weekend I lost someone that was very dear to me, my Godfather x

Judging by the difficulty in finding Godparents, Godfather, or Godmother cards in the majority of card shops. Godparents perhaps don't seem to have the role in children's lives that they used to, but they certainly had, and have a role in mine.

Families are complicated in so many cases and my family is no different but my parents chose my Godparents from within the family, and I'm forever grateful that they chose my dads cousin and her husband.

They've supported, and been there for me in so many ways over the years, from attending school concerts and carol services (I was in the school choir believe it or not!), to spending Christmas with us every year, and ultimately being there with us on the night that my dad passed away. My Godparents were probably the family members apart from my mum that I'm the closest too and losing one part of that support team hurts.

Over the past few years things haven't been easy for them they were both well into their 80's and if you've follow me on any social network for a while then you'll know that they've had their fair share of health problems ranging from the big C, to my Godfathers stroke around this time last year.

You always think that the people that you love are going to be there for ever, but one of the certainties of life is that they won't be, and last week my Godfather was rushed to hospital, and instead of being released after a day or so, and declaring he was fine, in the early hours of Sunday morning with my Godmother at his bedside he peacefully slipped away

Thankfully my Godmother has has solid extended family group to support her but I can't imagine what it must feel like to lose your soul mate and your husband of over 60 years. Although like most family members we butted heads on occasions with rapidly differing views on certain topics and modern life, I will miss him terribly he was a firm stabilising influence in my life and a real gentleman to boot.

I won't be taking a specific blogging and You Tube break but my family is much more important to me at this moment in time, so posting and uploading may be sporadic for a couple of weeks. In reality you probably won't notice much of a difference but I thought I better keep you updated just in case I disappear for a while x Thanks for your kind words on social media,and thanks in advance for you support and understanding x

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