Friday 9 September 2016

Nails Of The Day - Roxanne Campbell Violets Are Blue*

Hi Guys x Happy Friday x I've got another nails of the day for you today and today I'm featuring another shade from celebrity manicurist Roxanne Campbell's debut nail polish collection.

This name of this shade is Violets Are Blue, and it is a beautiful bright cobalt blue, but as per usual none of my pictures are doing this beautiful shade justice.

Like the previous colour I tried Stormy Weather this one dries slightly darker but in real life it's a lot more vibrant than it looks it here. I've tried my best and fiddled with some filters but this is one of those colours that looks way better in the flesh than it does on a computer screen

Again the formulation was good, the polish was slightly thicker than Stormy Weather and as a result it did seem to a dry a bit more slowly. The coverage was excellent though and due to the self levelling formulation, with careful application you could possibly get away with applying just the one coat. As per usual though I've gone with two coats which not only improves the wear time but it leave your nails with a full coverage, super glossy finish.

I'm a huge fan of blue nail polishes and this one is one of this best that I've tried. It's the perfect creamy cobalt, but unlike a lot of cream formulations this one doesn't look flat, it's shiny and full of life, and it would look great on any skin tone. If your a fan of blue nail polishes like me, then this is definitely one to try. Roxanne Campbell Nail Lacquer in Violets Are Blue comes in a 12ml bottle and retails at £10 and it's currently available exclusively on the Roxanne Campbell website. Don't forget to take a look at my previous Roxanne Campbell post to find out more about her and the brand but if you have any questions on this polish please leave me a comment and I'll try and get back to you as quickly as I can x


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