Sunday 7 August 2016

Nails Of The Day - Nails Inc Haymarket

It's funny how your tastes change when it comes to nail polish. I love trying out different colours and mixing it up a bit but I do go through phases where I buy lots and lots of the same or very similar colours. At the moment I'm loving lilacs, and blues but a few years ago all I seemed to buy were turquoise and mint green shades

Thanks to my new IKEA Helmer, I'm currently sorting my nail polishes, and one of those beautiful turquoise, mint green shades that I've rediscovered is Nails Inc - Haymarket.

I remember wearing this shade an awful lot, when I first bought it but for some reason I never posted a nails of the day on the blog, so today I've decided to remedy that and show off this almost Tiffany box shade (on my all be it fake tan covered hands!)

It's a beautiful cream polish and as a result your base coat and your application technique needs to be pretty much spot on. Unfortunately this polish wasn't as self levelling as I'd hoped so even though this is two coats, it's a touch streaky and the finish isn't quite as perfect as I remember.

I love the colour so much though, that I can live with the less than perfect finish, The wear time was also fantastic so you win some you lose some. Haymarket is a beautiful, fresh spring and summer colour, that can brighten your day in an instant. Unfortunately Haymarket is pretty hard to get hold of now but if you search for it you might be able to find it or at least something similar. Are you a fan or turquoise or mint green nail polishes? Let me know x

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