Tuesday 23 August 2016

Keep Calm And Watch Cat Videos

When I'm a bit stressed I always find that watching a cute cat video on You Tube helps to lift my mood and over the last couple of weeks I've been overdosing on cute cat videos (including some of my own which you can see above) in a desperate bid to keep calm and carry on.

Over the last fortnight or so if something could go wrong it probably has - health issues are again besetting my family, I broke my glasses and I also broke my laptop screen!

Thankfully it's fixable and all if my data is safe, but the computer repair place that I took it to needs to order some parts in which should be delivered around 30th August, so unfortunately I'm  going to be AWOL for another week or so at least :( 

Don't worry though I will be back blogging and on You Tube as soon as I can, and in the meantime I'll be taking photographs, shooting videos and working on lots and lots of new content. To see some sneaky peeks of what I'm up to don't forget to follow me on Instagram (link in the sidebar) and keep an eye on my Snapchat - I'm DurhamLouLou for silly selfies and more X 

Thanks in advance for sticking with me and hopefully I'll see you soon xxx

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