Wednesday 3 August 2016

Lavera Illuminating Eyeshadow - Vibrant Gold*

All good things must come to an end, and over the next few days I'll be reviewing my final two products for online natural beauty store, My Pure. I've really appreciated all your feedback, questions and recommendations, and I've loved trying out so many new natural  products and new to me, brands. I thought I'd finish off by reviewing two products from one of my most recent and best discoveries, German brand, Lavera.

For those of you who aren't in the know, Lavera are one of the longest standing brands in natural beauty. They were founded in Germany over 25 years and they produce a large range of natural cosmetics, skin care products and toiletries. They only use natural ingredients, and ones that are certified organic whenever possible. All of the products are also formulated without synthetic preservatives, colourings or fragrances and their range is also cruelty free.

I've tried a few of their make up products now and for one of my final My Pure reviews I decided to try out one of their eyeshadows, they have a few different shadows to choose from but I went for one of the Lavera Illuminating Eyeshadow.

This is a baked eyeshadow that is suitable for contact lens wearers and vegans. It's a mineral based shadow that's crammed full of natural mineral pigments, and moisturising ingredients. Packaged in a basic clear and black plastic compact, this is a domed, baked shadow. There were 4 shades to choose from and the colour I went for was Vibrant Gold.

In the pan this is much more of a soft yellow gold tone , rather than an out and out metallic gold.

I'm usually a sucker for a baked eyeshadow but unfortunately this one just isn't that great. The pigmentation and the pay off just isn't strong enough. Instead of the solid yellow gold that I was hoping for, this shadow just gives you a subtle wash of gold with a touch of sparkle.

Liked all baked eyeshadows this one can be used both wet and dry and although I haven't managed to take any pictures of it wet, it does improve both the pigmentation and the vibrancy.

This shadows wears well both wet and dry and if you want a subtle wash of colour, then this could be for you,especially if your looking for something that is cruelty free, unfortunately though for the price, I would have like a bit more pigmentation and a bit more vibrancy from this shadow. Lavera Illuminating Eyeshadow comes in a 1.5g compact, it comes in 4 shades and retails at £11.50 from My Pure. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave me a comment x


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