Friday 6 November 2015

A Little Primark Haul And A Video

Last week I braved the half term hoards and headed to the Metro Centre for a little shopping trip with Mummy Lou. Thankfully we went early enough to avoid the worst of the crowds but Primark predictably was crammed.

I didn't buy a lot in Primark and in fact I had one of those frustrating visits that you get every now and then. Lots of things caught my eye but the size selection was awful, pretty much everything I picked up was only available in size 8 or a size 12! It was so disheartening and it certainly does nothing for your self confidence :( It always seems to be the same when the schools or off so I'm planning to a return trip next week, when hopefully I'll have a bit more luck size wise

Enough of the whinging though I still managed to pick up a few things - I only got one real clothing item though which was this jumper

I love polo and roll necks at this time of year, and this burgundy, wine coloured number was only £6. It came in a few different colours, and the skinny rib knit is really stretchy. It's warm enough on it's own but it will also made a great layering piece under either a cardigan, a poncho or a cape.

Sticking with winter warmers I also picked up some tights. Black opaque tights are a real wardrobe staple for me, and I was stock up when I find some that I like. I normally a George at Asda devotee but I thought I'd give these ones a try. You get a 3 Pack of  80 Denier Black Opaques for just £3.90, they feel soft and quite thick so they were well worth trying.

I had a little look the hats and scarves and although I was pretty tempted by the new tartan scarves I managed to stay strong - Mummy Lou however did not and bought a lovely pale pink, cable knit bobble hat for just £2.50! I couldn't persuade her to model it for me so Jake kindly stepped in :)

How cute is he :) I love his markings and how it looks as though he's wearing a necklace :) Alas us humans don't have built in necklaces so we have to buy them and I couldn't resist this zodiac necklace duo.

I tend to take horoscopes with a pinch of salt, but characteristically I am a typical Taurus, I'm greedy, jealous and really stubborn, so this set of necklaces were a must have. One fine gold chains, one necklace comes with a gold tone disc with the Taurus zodiac symbol on it, and the other one contains a square, faux marble type pink stone. This necklace set comes in all the star signs and it's just £2, and they also sell the matching earrings.

From jewellery to home wear and as you know I'm a huge fan of Primarks home selection, and it just keeps getting better and better. The Metro Centre store doesn't have the biggest home selection but I usually manage to pick up a few bits and this visit was no exception.

Coat hangers - we all need coat hangers, but I hate the plastic hangers, that you normally get in shops, and as nice as they look padded and wooden hangers are just too bulky. Many moons ago I first discovered these velour covered, slim, non slip hangers on QVC (read my very, very, early post here) - I tried them and I loved them. The clothes stay put, and because of the slim width you can fit more of them in your wardrobe. The one drawback was the price but thankfully though this amazing idea is now available at a more budget friendly price.

You can normally pick up a pack of 3, black or grey ones in Poundland or Poundworld, but if you can get yourself to Primark. They do a wide variety of colours for around £3.80 for a set of 10, however if you have a look in the sale containers you can sometimes pick up a bargain and this set of Primark Home Hang In There 10 Non Slip Hangers was just £2. The pink shades seem to be the only ones that were reduced strangely enough but I was happy to pick up a bargain.

The next thing I got is technically a Christmas decoration but I think you could easily have this little guy out all year round.

This cute ceramic Christmas Reindeer Tea light Holder, was just £1.50 and it even comes with a white, wax tea light x I think he's adorable and he's going to be living in my bedroom. There was also a sweet little Santa option too.

The final two things that I got were both beauty related - I stocked up on my usual Oil Balancing Face wipes, and I picked up another one of these.

I have mixed feelings about these polish remover pots but this P.S. Love Your Nails Nail Polish Twist Pot is pretty good for the £1 price tag. It's quick, it doesn't smell too bad, it's non drying and it takes the polish off with ease. I think that these are a real time saver, and they're great if just mess up the one nail -  you can just remove it without taking off the rest of your polish. I still love my favourite Superdrug remover but this little pot has definitely made it's way into my regular manicure routine.

Not the biggest Primark haul I know but I've picked up a few essentials and a couple of things that I love, so it wasn't all bad. Another trip is definitely on the cards in the near future but in the meantime why not watch the accompanying You Tube video below or you can watch it here x

Have you been to Primark recently? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you got x

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