Tuesday 3 November 2015

Getting Your Shimmer On With Madara Flower Dust Shimmer Moisturiser*

Although I'm most definitely not a party girl, when the festive season arrives I normally make an exception and I don't need any excuse to dress up to the nines, and sparkle the night away. In the summer it makes perfect sense to care for our skin because it's going to be on show but come winter time we often forget and it's a mad dash, to primp and preen ourselves in time for that New Years Eve party. Over the last month  or so though, I've been trying out a product from My Pure that promises to make your skin look amazing no matter what the season.

I've tried a few products from award winning, Latvian brand, Madara now and bar a couple of minor quirks I've been pretty impressed; Up until recently though I'd only tried  some of their skincare products, one of their new editions though give me the opportunity to branch out into their body care range

The Madara Flower Dust Lotion Shimmering Moisturiser like all of the products in the Madara range is certified organic, and 100 percent of the ingredients are natural in origin.Their products are also suitable for vegans and they aren't tested on animals. This body lotion contains a host of natural ingredients including sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter, rose hip and algae extracts, and something called titanium dioxide, but more on that later.

This lotion comes boxed and it comes in a pump action airtight bottle. It takes a couple of pumps to prime the bottle but after that the product comes out easily. I found the one pump was more than enough for both arms as a little goes a long way, making this product both hygienic and economical.

Although it's described as a lotion this actually has a lovely, rich and creamy texture, Just dispense a little bit of this lotion into your hand and you can see what makes it so special.

It's crammed full of titanium dioxide, and other natural minerals, this isn't just a normal body lotion, it is in fact a shimmering body lotion. It's not that easy to see in most of these pictures but this lotion leaves a beautiful golden, shimmery glow on the skin.

This isn't a chunky glitter by any means, it's a fine subtle shimmer that is perfect for when you want to show a bit of skin. Apply a little bit to your arms, legs and your collar bones and you're party ready in an instant. It goes without saying that this product would look beautiful on tanned and darker skin tones, but even if you're pale and pasty, this will definitely give your skin a bit of warmth and a healthier appearance.

The shimmery aspect is without a doubt this products biggest selling point, but this isn't just a cosmetic or make up product, this is a serious body lotion, with lots of natural oils and butters to smooth and care for the skin. It takes a little while to absorb but it leaves the skin feeling smooth, soothed, and looking fabulous.

I absolutely love this product and I think it's a real must have for the festive season, it adds a subtle sparkle to the skin, and it adds a good dose of moisture when the skin needs it most. The only tiny drawback could be the the scent ,it has the same distinctive very green fragrance that the Tinting Fluid has - I think that this is probably a love / hate scent, but if this doesn't sound very you, don't worry, in this case it doesn't linger and it definitely won't interfere with your perfume. If you have a party to go to this winter then you need this lotion in your life, even if you're not planning on flashing any flesh, I'm sure a tiny little bit applied to the cheek bones would give you that party feel even if you're just wearing your Christmas jumper. The Madara Flower Dust Lotion Shimmering Moisturiser retails at £19 for 150ml from My Pure. If you have any questions please let me know x  Thanks for reading x


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  1. The little bit of shimmer is perfect, thank you for the review.


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