Thursday 16 July 2015

Sunday Fun Courtesy Of Lush Newcastle - #GeordieLush

Hey Guys x It's been a few days since I last posted but I've been seriously lacking in spoons, chronic illness you suck! It's always the way I do something I enjoy and I pay the price, it annoying really because last Sunday was probably the best and most positive that I've felt in a long time.

Instead of having my customary lie in on Sunday morning, I boarded a bus and headed into Newcastle to meet up with some of my favourite North East bloggers for a mini blog event at Lush Newcastle. Unlike the previous Lush blogger event that I attended, this was a very small, intimate event that gave us the opportunity to have a play and ask as many questions as we liked.

We were met at the door by the lovely Graeme, who was to be our guide and our host, and our first task was to get our hands dirty, and make one of Lush's most popular skincare products, Angels On Bare Skin

If you've been reading my blog for a little while now, you'll know that it isn't the first time that I'd made Angels On Bare Skin. Way back in May 2013 I attended a blog event at Lush's Metro Centre store, and this was one of the products that we made. You can read a full review here but it's a product that I love, it's a fabulous cleanser and gentle exfoliator for all skin types, and it smells absolutely fantastic. Compared to last time though this event was a lot more intimate so there was plenty of opportunity to get involved and to get our hands dirty (or should I say clean?).

The first thing that went into the bowl were the liquid ingredients. In this case, vegetable glycerin, plain old tap water, and Lush's special fragrance and colour mix which includes lavender essential oil and rose absolute.

Next it was time for the dry ingredients, there are just two dry ingredients but they make this cleanser what it is - kaolin which is clay that absorbs grease and dirt, and ground almonds to tone and brighten the skin.

Then it was time to get our hands in and give it a good mix. You're really trying to create an almost dough like consistency so you need to pull in and combine the dry and liquid ingredients and give it a good knead.

Then it was time to form our cleansers. We were each given a ball of dough which we had to roll into a log shape, then we had to flatten it out, sprinkle it with lavender flowers and then roll it into a sort of a Swiss roll shape.

Finally it was time to squish our cleansers into the familiar black plastic pots, sprinkle it with a bit more lavender and pop the lid on - Voila!

Although Angels On Bare Skin is probably best known as a facial cleanser, Graeme told us that it can also be used as a gentle body cleanser, particularly on areas prone to redness, and congestion such as the upper arms, and as you can see here it also makes a fabulous hand scrub and cleanser.

After we'd dried our hands Graeme then give us a guided tour of the store, and told us a little bit about some of the soon to be discontinued products, and about some of the newer launches and of course about the new Oxford Street exclusives (stamps feet I want the Comforter Shower Gel!)

We also had a little try of some of the fragrances and learnt about some of the back stories and the reasoning behind some of the stranger names. Although my sense of smell was still lacking I came away wanting, no needing ! both Kerbside Violet and Death And Decay!

We also spent a bit of time finding out more about the Lush sun protection line. It's so hard to create cruelty free sun protection but Lush seem to have done it with their Sesame Sun Tan Lotion and The Sunblock, a solid sunscreen wash! which I'm very keen to try.

After a bit of chit chat to Graeme about blogs and blogging it was time to leave. As well as our tubs of Angels On Bare Skin we also received a little goodie bag containing a mini New Charity Pot, a Braziliant Shampoo Bar, an Avobath Bath Ballistic and some discontinued Love You Mum soap that went straight to Mummy Lou ;)

I'll definitely be reviewing some of these products in future posts and I'll also be reviewing something that I purchased on the day x More on this little packet to come soon x 

I would like to thank both my fellow bloggers, and Graeme and the rest of the staff at Lush Eldon Square for a fun morning, and for their obvious enthusiasm for the brand and it's products. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave me a comment x 

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