Thursday 23 July 2015

Hair Removal For Scaredy Cats - Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream*

Although the weather over the last few days feels more like January than July, it is officially summer time. It hasn't all been bad though, we have had some nice days, and hopefully there are some more to come, and whether your staying at home in the UK or your lucky enough to be heading off for some guaranteed sunshine, you can pretty much guarantee that most of us will at some point be revealing a little bit more skin than normal.

Like most things, whether or not you remove your body hair has now become a big issue, and whilst I'm very much in favour of people doing what they want to do with their own bodies, personally I'm not a fan. In the winter I must admit that I'm a bit lazy but in the summer I want smooth and silky skin, so off it comes.

Of all the steps in my beauty routine hair removal is probably the biggest chore of all time. It takes forever but thankfully times are changing and modern hair removal methods are quicker and easier than ever. Whilst I swear by waxing and epilation for my legs, I do have a bit of a soft spot for hair removal creams when it comes to my more sensitive bits.

Okay using a hair removal cream doesn't offer any long term solutions, and yes they can be a bit smelly and a bit messy but they're ideal for sensitive areas, and for people who just don't like the idea of pain.

If you haven't used a depilatory cream for a while, maybe it's time to give them another try. Modern day hair removal creams are a world away from the smelly, eye watering, drying products from yesteryear.

Nair are one of the best known names around when it comes to home hair removal, and their range includes everything from wax strips, to shaving products and of course depilatory creams. They recently launched their Argan Oil Collection which is a range of products which harness the powerful skin care benefit of this cult Moroccan oil.

I was sent a few of the products to try and the first one that I tried is the Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream. Formulated for the legs, bikini line, and underarms, it contains extracts of Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter and Orange Blossom. It also contain an exclusive patented "odour control technology" to cut down on the nasty smells that we normal associate with hair removal creams. It's designed for dry and sensitive skin and it's both clinically and dermatologically tested.

The 200ml tube is boxed and comes complete with full instructions and a plastic spatula. The cream itself is slightly, off white in colour and has a thick creamy texture. It has a subtle almost face cream type aroma with virtually no hint of the familiar rotten egg smell that you traditionally associate with products like this.

It's recommend that you do a small patch test 24 hours before you use the cream just to make sure that it doesn't cause any allergies or irritation. My patch test was fine so I decided to try it out on my legs. Whilst the hair on my legs is dark, thanks to years of waxing and epiliation, it's quite fine and I do actually have a few bald patches, this though is probably a couple of months growth (blushes).

The cream is quite simple to use, you just spread an even layer of cream over the areas that you want to treat, avoiding any broken, sunburned or inflamed skin.

You can either use your fingers, or for larger areas it's much easier to use the spatula, as it makes it easier to achieve an even layer. Although it's quite a thick cream it does still drip a little bit so I would either do it in the bath or shower cubicle or I would cover the floor with an old towel.

Then you just leave it for a few minutes, after that what you can do is actually get into the shower, hence the name shower power, and you can have a shower as normal providing you don't direct the shower head at the area your treating, Then after 3 minutes use the spatula to remove a little bit of the cream, and then you can either wash the cream away or do what I did, I actually preferred to gently remove the cream with the spatula. The shape of the spatula means that it fits the contours of your
body perfectly and it also helps to remove the final stubborn hairs. Then you just finish your shower and you're left with hair free skin. I would recommend you give the shower or bath a good rinse when you're done though, as well as all of those nasty hairs, the cream itself can leave it a bit slippery under foot.

My legs were left a tiny little bit pink after I'd removed the cream but that could have been down to the heat of the shower. They felt smooth and almost as though I'd used a body lotion. There was no dryness and no irritation whatsoever. Nair claim that the effects of this cream can last up to 7 days but I think that very much depends on your own hair growth cycle, for me it was about 4 days before I noticed any real regrowth.

This product certainly doesn't offer a long term hair removal solution but unlike a lot of similar products in the past it's much easier to use, it smells nicer, and it leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and comfortable. I'll definitely use this product again and I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone who doesn't want to shave or use any of the more painful methods, or for treating more sensitive areas such as the bikini line. Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream has a RRP of £6.69, and is available from Boots, Superdrug, and Tesco. If you have any questions on this review please let me know x


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