Wednesday 27 May 2015

NOTD - FNUG - 98 Shady Lady*

Over the years both cameras and computers have came on leaps and bounds, but try as we might they still can't reflect and translate colours and textures as well as our own eyes do. Case in point this nail polish from FNUG

Yes it's another FNUG polish, I can't resist there polishes at the moment and so for one of May's My Pure reviews I decided to try another one.

98 - Shady Lady is one beautiful shade but it is so hard to capture just how beautiful it actually is. It's a duo (or even a trio) chrome, foil. Depending on the light and how you move the colours flash between a peacock toned teal blue, a darker blue, and a pale turquoise, all shot through with hints of purple. I've photographed in a few different lights here just so you can see how the colour changes.

I also recorded a little video just see how the colour transforms when you wiggle your fingers.

With this shade you could record all the videos you wanted and take a zillion photographs and you'd still never capture it's true beauty. It isn't just about the colour though, this is good all rounder polish, it applied well, left minimal brush marks and it wore well. This is another winner from FNUG and another polish I'm happy to have in my vast collection. FNUG Nail Polish in 98 Shady Lady normally retails at £12 for 8.5ml from My Pure but it's currently on sale at £10.80. Are you a fan of duo chrome nail polishes? Let me know in the comments below x


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