Monday 11 May 2015

A Small Jewellery Haul Featuring Iced Rainbow, Dreams And Sparkles And More x

Hey Guys x I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week but over the last few days, I've been a busy bee, attending some blog events, testing products, and taking lots and lots of photographs. I've also had a couple of personal issues this week, some of which you'll know about if you follow me on twitter, so I'd just like to thank you for all of your support and kind words. Onwards and upwards though and nothing lifts my spirits quite as well as a haul does, so I've got a little jewellery haul for you.

One of these days I'll actually get round to do a jewellery collection, and storage post and video but in the meantime you'll just have believe me when I say that I absolutely adore jewellery. I love fine jewellery but my true love is costume, fashion and unusual pieces. A handmade and individual brand that I've been loving a lot lately is Iced Rainbow. I've already posted about a couple of their pieces ( read my posts here and here) and I'm a huge fan of Tom's work but one of his Spring / Summer collection Flare and Flourish is just so me. I already have the Monochrome Retro Daisy Charm Necklace but for summer I wanted something a little bit brighter, I love orange so I went for the Retro Art Daisy Charm Necklace.

In the exactly the same style as my previous necklace the only difference with this one is the colour. Instead of the black and white, here the Swarovski crystal, centred daisies and one of the ovals are in an orange perspex, separated by yellow, cut out perspex discs. I love this necklace it's so happy and summery. The necklace that I got was on a silver plated chain and was £20 but you can also get it on a sterling silver for an extra £10.

Another website that does quirky, and unusual handmade pieces is local North East company Punky Pins. Every month on their website they do a special themed Mega Mystery Pack - Lucky Dip Surprise Bag. You can get either a £10 pack or a £25 pack. As I say the packs are themed and last months theme was cats :). They do a lot of cat themed pieces so I couldn't resist and went for a £10 pack.

All of the packs contain a variety of pieces, usually that were either limited  edition or about to be discontinued. I have to say though my pack was well worth the money, I got a cat themed greetings card two necklaces, a bracelet, some pin badges and some earrings. The most impressive piece by far the Cat Lady necklace.

My pictures aren't really giving you an idea of the size of this but hopefully you can get a better idea when you watch the accompanying video of how substantial this pieces actually is. Made of acrylic on a silver tone, chain, the white background features a cartoon cat illustration.

It don't think that it's a piece that you could wear every day but the other necklace that I received is definitely more wearable. Again on a silver tone chain it features, a small wooden paw print pendant. I think that is really cute and I have a real love for wooden pieces so this is something that I know I'll wear a lot.

As well as the necklaces I also received a charm style bracelet again on a silver chain. This bracelet features a similar to design to both the Cat Lady necklace and the greetings card that I received. I features acrylic, pink cartoon cats, fish skeletons and hearts. I have quite chunky wrists but this is a nice fit.

Sticking with the cat theme I also received a set of 3 pin badges. I think I'm going to put these on my old denim jacket to liven it up a bit for summer.

The final that I got in my pack wasn't that cat themed unless you think of Hello Kitty, but since I have a bit of an obsession with bows I don't mind. These are chunky, pink, and white bow design, stud earrings and I love them :)

Unfortunately none of these pieces seem to be available online any more but the site really does have some unusual and unique pieces so you're bound to find something that you like x

The majority of these pieces are quite bold and there does appear to be a real trend for statement pieces of jewellery at the moment, and it's a trend that I'm loving. My thing at the moment is bright, chunky, statement necklaces and I recently picked up this one from Dreams and Sparkles.

Dreams and Sparkles is an online store set up by one of my fellow North East bloggers, Shannon from Raspberrykiss, and as soon as I saw this necklace I knew that I wanted it. I have a lot of similar pieces but the colours and the size of this necklaces makes it different from anything else that I own x

This Rainbow Diamante Statement Necklace is just £4 and features a variety of bright acrylic stones, and faux crystals on a chunky, silver tone chain. It's a real look at me piece, and I love wearing necklaces like this over a plain top. I wore it this week at a blogger event and I teamed it up just with jeans and over a plain black slinky top.

Statement necklaces really are me at the moment and whilst the recent Next Spring Sale was largely disappointing I did get one jewellery piece. This is one big, heavy necklace, it comes on a black and white, fabric rope and features crystal detailing down the side, and three chunky stations comprised of coral, black, and acrylic stones, and almost smokey quartz like, faux crystals. It lovely, strong and well made but I'm not sure I would have paid £30 for it. I paid £12 but it's back up to £30 both online and in Next stores.

As much as I love statement pieces I still wear a lot of smaller, ditsy pendants and this one here from ebay is something that I've wanted for sometime.

I love natural gemstone pieces, turquoise and howlite and whilst I can't guarantee the authenticity of this piece, I love this alternative take on the sideways cross trend. On a gold tone chain, the pendant is really small and delicate but you get that fabulous pop of colour on the neckline. This necklace was just 99p from this ebay seller.

The final jewellery piece that I've bought lately comes from Avon, and it was another item from one of their sale catalogues. Mounted on a flexible wire this wrap round bangle features smokey, faux crystal stones, coupled with a star charm. Unfortunately I can't find this on the Avon site any more but it might worth having a look in their clearance brochures.

So that was my latest jewellery x To give you a bit more of an idea on the sizes of the pieces please watch the accompanying video and of course don't forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow my blog to keep up to date with my latest posts x


  1. That cat lady necklace is SO so cute! xx

  2. Beautiful jewellery, love the wooden paw print pendant necklace, it's adorable! <3

  3. That really was a jewelry haul!! I just love the Cat Lady necklace and "matching" bracelet as well as the necklace by Dreams and Sparkles. Those are my faves, but I like them all. What fun!


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