Thursday 9 April 2015

Have Curls Do Care With The THX Total Hair Experts Deep Barrel Waver*

I don't really like starting blog posts with an apology but in this case it's justified and much needed. This post is so late it bordering on the ridiculous and for that I'm truly sorry. Life and illness well and truly got in the the way when it comes to this one but as the saying goes, better late then never.

I've made no secret of the hair issues that I've had over the last few years. Although I've always been partial to a bit of hair dye , medication and illness have played havoc with my hair. As well as periods of hair loss, my hair texture has completely changed. Looking back through old photo albums my hair was deathly straight and I could do a passable Nana Mouskouri impression (look her up if you don't know who she is ;). Now though it's wavy and unruly at best - hence my obsession with trying new hair products and straightening irons.

Lately though I've been trying to embrace my natural waves and curls a bit more, and I've either been leaving my hair to dry naturally or I've been using products and heat tools to emphasise my curly locks. 

On the days when I'm in a rush, for a quick and easy curl I've been grabbing my tongs or my curling wands but on the days when I want a more dramatic wave or curl I've been reaching for the THX Total Hair Experts Define Style Deep Barrel Waver.

Exclusive to Tesco, this tool creates everything from a deep retro curl, to a gentle beachy wave.

Boxed and with full instructions, this deep barrel waver, has ceramic plates, to help your style to last longer and to help your hair maintain it's natural shine.

It features a 2 metre long swiverl cord, a hanging loop and a lockable handle for ease of storage.

The waver heats up in around 2 minutes and it has variable heat settings ranging from 140 to 210 depending on your hair type and the effect that you want to achieve.

It's pretty simple to use but there is a bit of experimentation involved. I find it easier to work with on straight hair so rather oddly I straighten my hair a bit first and make sure that it's smooth and free of knots.

Then I section my hair out either with bobble or clips, and section by section I clamp my hair in the waver, leaving for a few moments before repeating and moving down the section of hair before moving onto the next section, and so on.

The temperature and how long you leave it for depends very much on your own hair and how deep you want the wave to be. For the look that you can see below on my thick hair, the temperature was set to about 190, and the waver was each segment of hair for about 10 seconds



After - Close Up

As you can see this is quite a full on look, here the waver has been used all over my my entire head to produce a deep curl. but by using it on a lower temperature you could produce softer, more beachy waves. Depending on your hair type the curls and waves will drop and loosen in time but my waves and curls unusually last a couple of days.

I'm going to be honest here and say that I have a few issues doing a full head myself. The waver is quite bulky (it weighs just over 1kg) and since I don't have a lot of arm strength I find it quite hard to section it and do the back myself so Mummy Lou did this for me and it took around half an hour to do achieve this look. When I've used the THX waver myself though I've just tended to use it on the ends to give a bit of a boho twist to my traditional straight style.

Unfortunately for me like the rest of the deep barrel wavers on the market, I find this a little bit too cumbersome and time consuming for everyday use but if you want a versatile tool that produce fabulous curls and waves for a special occasion or a night out then this could be the product for you, especially since it doesn't break the bank. The THX Total Hair Experts Define Style Deep Barrel Waver retails at just £35 and is exclusive to Tesco stores, groceries online and Tesco Direct.  Are you a fan of curly or wavy hair ? or is straight hair more your style? Leave me a comment and let me know x


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