Thursday 9 April 2015

Clothing And Accessories Haul Featuring H&M, George and Boohoo

Another week and it's time for another haul. I'm not feeling very comfortable with my size or my weight at the moment, so really clothes shopping should be off the agenda but sometime you either see a bargain or you just get the urge to buy some pretties and that's exactly what's happened here.

I've probably done something a bit silly with some things and I've sized down for when I do lose a bit of weight but I'm really hoping that it will give me a bit of an incentive and the offending pieces won't just sit there in my wardrobe for ever more - fingers crossed anyways x

We'll start of with some supermarket buys from George at Asda. Over the last month or so I've had a couple of business meeting in Asda Cafe of all places. With time to kill I had a mooch around the George sale rails and I picked up a few half price bits including this gorgeous blouse.

It looks absolutely nothing in the picture but it's made of a sheer, pale ivory fabric, it has long slightly puff sleeves with crystal buttons and the most beautiful Peter Pan collar that you ever did see.

The collar is covered in the cutest daisy embellishment, made out of crystal and a PVC like, faux leather. The collar was undoubtedly the selling point for LouLou the daisy lover, and even though this top is too sheer to wear on it's own, I know I'll wear it a lot over both leggings and skinny jeans.

Another top that I got from the Asda sale racks was this boxy, purple floral number.

Made of shiny, scuba style fabric, it has a zip at the back of the neck and I love it. There was also a dress and matching pencil skirt available, but me and pencil skirts don't really mix so I'm picturing this with some high waisted jeans, or even some flares, if I can find a pair that fits and suit me.

As well as the tops I also got this floral patterned tunic dress. Made of a textured fabric, it has a black faux leather trim around the neckline, which adds a designer edge. I think I'm mainly going to be wearing this with black opaques, and maybe the brogues you'll see later on in this post, but I think that this would also look good over leggings for a long line tunic look.

The final I bought from Asda was a non sale item but it was only £12 so I still consider it to be a bit of a bargain buy x

I'm loving the silky, shiny scuba type fabric that seems to be everywhere at the moment and I also have a bit of a thing for elasticated waists. Hey, don't knock them until you've tried them. They fit on both your fat and thin days and they're comfy. There also pretty easy to adjust if you lose weight so I'm all over them at the moment and this one fits the bill perfectly. It's black with a large grey and white floral pattern.

Unfortunately I can't find any of these items online now, but if you have an Asda Home, or an Asda store near you it might be worth having a look at the sale racks, you never know what bargains you might find.

Sticking with the scuba fabric idea and the concept of the elasticated waist I've also recently made a little purchase from boohoo. This is one those sized down items but I loved it so much it will be worth cutting back on the bad things to wear it x The Kadie Porcelain Print Box Pleat Skirt, is made of the same, silky, shiny scuba type fabric but it isn't quite as thick as either of my Asda purchases. It normally £20 but buy at the right time from boohoo (usually weekends) and you can either get some money off or free postage. I love the clean, sharpness of the blue and white and I can't wait to wear this when I've lost a few pounds and have a bit of a tan. I'm not 100% sure what kind of top to wear this with so I'd love to hear your thoughts x

I don't whether I've been thinking about the warmer months but after wearing skirts only sporadically for the last few years all of a sudden I'm obsessed with them. Again all about the elasticated waist, this skirt comes from H&M.

When I first received this skirt I couldn't decided if I loved it or hated it. As well as being stupidly tight, I just wasn't sure about the colour and the fabric, or the £39.99 price tag! Although it's still way tighter than I would have liked (I'll work on that!) it has grown on me. I still think it's overpriced, but the almost tan, terracotta brown shade reminds a lot of some of the 70's inspired bits that are everywhere at the moment. The sort of ribbed, knit, almost nylon also has that retro vibe about it. I'll make it work and it's something that you could wear across several seasons so I'm hoping that it will make a versatile addition to my wardrobe.

That almost retro style rib knit seems to be everywhere at the moment and despite the sweat issues that come from the fabrication I'm a bit of a fan. This high, turtle neck black ribbed jumper also from H&M is a real, wardrobe staple, and a bit of a twist on the basic black sweater. I've been wearing this jumper with statement necklaces for a stylish yet classic look. Unfortunately this was in sale so it isn't online any more and unfortunately neither is this jumper.

This is just a classic, black and white horizontal striped, fine knit sweater, with an exposed zip at the back of the neck. I've been wearing this over skinny jeans, and leggings and accessorising if with chunky, black and white jewellery pieces, and my gorgeous Iced Rainbow necklace, that you may have already seen in this post x

This post seems to feature a lot of reoccurring themes, skirts with an elasticated waist, scuba fabrics, florals and blue and white. I think I get my love for blue and white from Mummy Lou and I couldn't resist yet another jumper.

This open weave jumper is white and features a lovely blousey, blue rose design. Unfortunately this one is long gone from the website too but I think will be a lovely piece for those cooler summer evenings.

My next clothing purchase came courtesy of Dorothy Perkins. I used to be a regular Dorothy Perkins shopper, but lately not so much. I find it quite an expensive store for what it is now, and to be honest all of their clothes are a bit samey :( Once in a while though something will stand out and on this occasion, it was this top.

My pictures just aren't doing this top justice, so I would recommend either checking it out on the Dorothy Perkins website or in person. It's all about the layers, with a wrap over a back and layers of fabric. Again the selling point was the neckline and I love the crystal and bead detailing. It should be £28 but if you look hard enough online you should be able to find a discount code x

My final clothing purchase came from QVC of all places. I know they have a bit of a reputation for old lady, and casual wear but I'm a firm believer that you can find fashion and beauty gems anywhere. One of QVC's most longstanding brands is British fashion jewellery brand Butler & Wilson. As well as a range of distinctive jewellery pieces, they also have their own fashion and accessory range.

I fell in love with this top the first time that I saw it presented. I love hippy and psychedelic swirls and patterns and this multi, coloured rainbow design called to me. The fabric is silky soft and feels gorgeous against the skin. The design has a slightly blurred finish which adds to the trippy feel. It was £30.40 excluding postage which wasn't cheap but I've already worn it once and received a few positive, compliments so it was well worth it for an unusual piece.

As well as some fashion pieces I've also bought a few jewellery and accessory pieces and a pair of shoes.

On those days when the rain and the ice have stayed away I've been ditching my boots for my beautiful Clarks brogues. I've worn them an awful lot and they still look as good as they ever did but I really, really wanted a black pair. Unfortunately I can't justify the outlay at the moment so after a lot of searching I eventually found a decent alternative courtesy of 24 Studio

Okay they aren't real leather but these Dolcis brogues look and feel like the real thing for a fraction of the price. I can't find them on the website anymore but I know they were less than £20 and they have some that look very similar on sale at just £12.99.

It wouldn't be a fashion and accessory haul on this blog if it didn't contain a few jewellery pieces x You've already seen a post on my gorgeous necklace from Iced Rainbow but I also a few pieces from Avon including this beautifully packaged necklace and earring set.

Packaged in a galaxy print, star shaped box you get a silver tone necklace with a tiny star pendant and matching stud earrings. As well as this sweet set, I also got this bracelet x It's a stretch bracelet in a sort of mesh, popcorn style, with a real gemstone, quartzite stone at the centre.

Alas these were sale items so they aren't on the Avon website anymore but it might be worth having a look through a sale brochure if you have a local Avon representative x

My final jewellery purchase came from one of my favourite places to buy jewellery, ebay x

This bracelet set contains a variety of faux gold, and faux pearl beaded bracelets, and one gold tone bangle, several of which have charms such as crystals, coins and stars hanging off them. All of these bracelets can be worn together or separately x They were just £1.09 from this seller x

My last clothing and accessory purchase was a bit of a silly one. I bought a pair of grey, furry bunny ears from Poundland.

An obvious Easter purchase don't you know and I wore them with pride to the hilarity of my family over the weekend x Why not? well all need to do something every now and then that makes us or someone else smile x I don't think Jasper was that impressed, but this picture seemed to make a lot of you smile on Instagram x

I've filmed a little You Tube video to accompany this haul, which I hope you'll watch and enjoy and I'd really love it if you'd subscribe x

If you have any questions or comments on anything that I've bought please leave me a comment, I love reading what you have to say x

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  1. Ooh that blue and white skirt is so pretty! I reckon you could wear that with just a simple blue t-shirt or vest to let the beautiful pattern do the talking ��


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