Thursday 2 April 2015

Easter Indulgence Without The Calories Courtesy Of Treacle Moon

My name is Louise and I have a confession to make, well it's not really a confession, it's more a well known fact - I am a chocoholic! There are two foods that I couldn't live without - chocolate and cheese. and over the long Easter weekend I aim to ignore my calorie intake and eat plenty of both.

I have no willpower but if you know someone that does, or someone that can't eat chocolate or doesn't celebrate Easter then there are a few calorie free options for those Easter and spring time gifts.
The most obvious one is a bunch of flowers, I love flowers and we currently have two vases crammed full, but like chocolate eggs they can be expensive and they don't last more than a few days. Nothing lasts forever but if you want an affordable and guilt free, gift option then it might be worth having a look at the Treacle Moon range at Tesco.

I'm a huge fan of this range of food and fruit scented bath and body products and some of their spring additions are perfect for the person that likes something a little bit sweet but without the guilt.

The new additions include bath and shower gels in Sugared Almond Tart, Marshmallow Hearts and Honeycomb Secret, and a matching Honeycomb Body Butter. The Sugared Almond Tart has a big marzipan scent so it's not for me.I personally found Marshmallow a little bit sweet, but I can definitely see myself picking up Honeycomb Secret, which has a gorgeous Crunchie, cinder toffee scent to either use on it's or to mix with one of their other new additions - Dusted Cocoa.

These new additions aren't available in my nearest little Tesco, but on a recent trip to a Tesco Express I managed to have a proper look and a sneaky sniff.  Treacle Moon Dusted Cocoa Heaven Bath and Shower Gel was by far my favourite, so it went in my trolley.

The thick formula works equally as a bath foam or as a shower gel, but if you use it as a shower gel you get the full on chocolate scent. To me this doesn't smell like say a bar of chocolate, instead I think it smells more like chocolate cake or brownie mix, or even a rich, chocolate butter cream

I guess the only problem with this is that it makes me want to bake, and therefore eat chocolate cake - not great if you're watching your weight but I guess it could work as a substitute for some, strong willed people :)

The best thing about this product is the price and size of the bottle. The majority of shower gels in the Treacle Moon line retail at just £2.99 each and come in 500ml bottles. A small amount of gel goes a long way making this product great value for money.

If none of these fragrances are for you, you can also get various fragrances including Raspberry, Blackberry, Apple Pie, Coconut, and Vanilla. Sweet Blackberry Memories and Honeycomb Secret are next on my list to try but if you've tried any of Treacle Moon products I'd love to know what you think x 

Oh and if you're lacking in willpower like me or if you like chocolate as much as I do ,then you might want to check back on Saturday for an Easter recipe to make your mouth water xx Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow xx


  1. This sounds lovely! Easter treats without the calories are okay in my book!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    1. Thanks my love x I'm all for edibles but this makes a nice change x

  2. Oh my goodness this sounds amazing! Definitely need to take a trip to Tescos soon I think :') Also I am so on the same page when it comes to Chocolate :') x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

    1. You really do hun x They do some lovely fragrances xx

  3. oh wow this sounds amazing! Could be a good and much cheaper alternative to all the Philosophy ones I love. I just need to get to kingston park Tesco lol!


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