Tuesday 28 October 2014

Green Hair? Don't Care! Courtesy Of Models Own And Midori*

Although I've been colouring my hair for as long as I can remember, I've never really veered away from the so called natural shades, other than my red and white blonde "Geri Halliwell" phase. Over the years I've considered going for something a bit more daring but for one reason, and another it's never really happened. To be honest I just don't think I'm brave enough for such a drastic change.

That doesn't mean that I don't like to experiment, I do, I just don't want the commitment of making a permanent or at least a semi-permanent change. Thankfully though there now plenty of options for people like me who want to funk things up a bit, but without the hassle, the expense or the risk.

Remember hair mascaras? Yup you can still get them but thankfully things have moved on a little and now coloured hair sprays, and hair chalks are absolutely everywhere and available at all price points. Over the years I've tried more than my fair share of coloured sprays and mascaras but hair chalks despite their popularity were something that was quite new to me.

Recently I was contacted on behalf of popular nail brand Models Own. Although they are best known for their nail polishes, they also now sell a wide range beauty products including make up and accessories. One of their newest releases is in partnership with the popular, bright green, melon liqueur, Midori.

The two teamed up last year to produce a range of nail polishes but this years collaboration was a bit different. Instead of nail polishes they produced a limited edition hair chalk.

The Models Own My Midori Hair Chalk comes packaged in a fabulous lidded, jelly mold shaped tub. As well as protecting the chalk, and making application less messy, the container is also contoured so it fits easily in hand making application easier.

As you would expect from the partnership, the chalk is in a bright, neon lime green colour, much brighter than it's showing here and the exact same colour of the Midori Liqueur.

The instructions are really easy to follow, no leave for 10 minutes here, you just cover your shoulders with a towel, and rub the chalk onto clean, dry hair.

I was initially going to just put a bit on the front of my hair but I was brave and went for it and allowed my mum to cover the remnants of my blonde highlights with chalk - prepare to be frightened!!!

I'm going to be honest and say that my mum applied most of it for me, as I was having a rubbishy arm day. She found it really easy to apply, the chalk didn't feel dry at all (it contains mineral oil) and you didn't need to use a lot of pressure to get it to stick to the hair. It was a bit messy and powdery though, so I would recommend that you completely cover your back and shoulders with a towel, especially if your applying as much as we did.

It does feel a bit powdery on the hair so all you do is spray your hair with hairspray to set it. Mine lasted for a few hours before it started to fade. All you do to remove it is just wash your hair, and it comes straight out. The instructions do advise though that if your hair is bleached, very dry, or coloured that it may hold on to the chalk for longer, but I didn't have any problems on my dry hair.

So many products like this don't do a lot on darker hair, and whilst it's showing slightly brighter here, I was still surprised at how well it showed up on my hair. Unlike a lot of products this chalk can be used all hair colours ranging from blonde to black.

(Images Provided By PR)

Although I literally covered my remaining highlights with it, you can of course be a little bit more subtle like it shows in these pictures and just add the odd strand here and there, or use it to emphasise a style.

I think that this is great fun, it it really gives you the chance to experiment with an unusual colour and a new look, without any risk. I think it will be great for parties, nights out, Halloween or even St Patricks Day. The Models Own My Midori Hair Chalk si limited edition andretails at £6 and is available from the Models Own website, and from Models Own Bottleshops.

Speaking of Halloween, alongside my hair chalk sample I was also sent a beautifully, designed miniature bottle of Midori. I've heard of it, but not being a huge drinker I'd never actually tried it.

Midori, which literally means green in Japanese is a melon liqueur, that can be used in cocktails or with mixers. Although I fancied trying the Midori Twist, which was a mixture of Midori, lemon and lime juice, I was a bit boring and just mixed it with a bit of lemonade.

The colour is unbelievable and perfect for Halloween, the though taste really surprised me. I love fresh melons but more often then not anything melon scented is far too sweet and synthetic. Whilst this was sweet it was no where near as sweet as I thought it would be, and the taste reminded me quite a bit of fruity schnapps. I only managed to get a couple of glasses out my miniature but I will definitely consider buying a full sized bottle for the festive season.

Midori Melon Liqueur is available from all major supermarkets including Asda,and Tesco and has a recommended retail price of between £11 and £16.99. You can find out more about Midori including recipe suggestions and more from their official website x

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and that you've enjoyed seeing me with green hair. I've quite enjoyed this little play with hair colour and drinks, so who know I might be more adventurous in the future. If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I'll see yon on Thursday with another review or two xx

(PR Samples)

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