Tuesday 7 October 2014

Blogger Induced Haulage From Iced Rainbow Jewellery

Bloggers are good at a lot of things, writing, photography, shopping, and having a way with words, but they are also good at enabling. A couple of weeks ago I was enabled by an amazing lady and fellow blogger Kellie, from Big Fashionista. There I was minding my own business on twitter, when i a picture appeared in my twitter feed of the cutest and most perfect autumnal necklace you will ever see.

The necklace in question came from a brand I'm afraid I'd never heard of before - Iced Rainbow Jewellery. Worn by the likes of Beverley Knight and Nicole Scherzinger during their 2012 collaboration with charity Balls To Cancer, Iced Rainbow Jewellery are famous for offering a bespoke and personalised service for jewellery, art and accessories. They also offer a wide range of off the peg items so to speak, including products made with Swarovski Elements and numerous acrylic jewellery pieces.

One of their current collections is entitled English Woodland. As you would expect from the name, the collection comprises of acrylic charm necklaces, in various designs such as squirrels, rabbits, owls and hedgehogs, and maybe something else, which is what I bought.

The service from start to finish from the brand was first class. They accept paypal so the transaction was quick, safe and easy, and despite my postal service being a little less than fabulous at the moment, my parcel came securely wrapped within 4 days. As well as being wrapped in bubble wrap my necklace also came in branded, fabric drawstring pouch., which I thought was a nice touch.

But what did you buy I hear you cry? Okay I've kept you in suspense long enough I guess ;) Think autumn and one of the first thing that comes to mind is the falling leaves, and that's exactly what my necklace portrays.

It's the Iced Rainbow Jewellery Autumn Fall Leaf Orange Charm Necklace and whilst it also comes in red, I'm such an orange girl that's the one I went for.

The maple leaf charm is made from a clear orange, acrylic, and comes on an 18 inch chain either in sterling silver or in the silver plate that I went for. The silver plated version is £14, and it's an extra £10 if you want the sterling silver version. Each item also features a small acrylic Iced Rainbow Jewellery or IRJ logo tag near the clasp.

I love, love, love this necklace. The colour and the design means it's perfect for this time of year, and it really goes with the traditional autumnal colour palette when it comes to fashion. I'm a huge lover, of browns, oranges and camels so I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it, over the next few months and beyond.

If your looking for something a little bit unusual I would thoroughly recommend checking out Iced Rainbow Jewellery via their website. The hedgehog and bunny rabbits are really cutesy but if that isn't to your taste they also have a lot of other items which include skulls, superheroes, dog tags and more, they really do have something for everyone.

Thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow with some more haulage, and maybe a sneaky little giveaway xxx


  1. Thats so pretty and perfect for the season :')

  2. Beautiful necklace, love it!


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