Monday 20 October 2014

A Tawny Port Nails Of The Day Courtesy Of Technic

Happy Monday x I hope you all had a nice weekend x I thought I'd start the week with something I haven't done for quite a while now, a nails of the day post. I love nails of the day posts and nail posts in general, and I used to post pretty much one a week, that was until a reader told me I was getting boring with all of the nail posts. Ha Ha, okay then ;) I love nail posts and I certainly don't find pretty polishes and pretty colours boring, and I hope that the majority of you guys don't either. 

I recently attempted to organise my rather extensive nail polish collection and I was actually surprised at how few of the colours I'd actually featured on the blog. So from now on I'm going to try and showcase a lot more of my polishes, starting with this one.

I don't know a lot about Technic as a brand but I can safely say that there at the budget end of the spectrum. The few colours I have, I've bought mainly from Boyes (a northern based discount retailer) but you can often find them on cheap make up stalls in shopping centres and markets, and in independent chemists. I've also spotted a few Technic kits in the Boots, Christmas gift section this year. It's not a partnership that I would have predicted by any means but I'm assuming it's just a one off for Christmas and we're not likely to see full Technic stands in Boots any time soon. They do seem to be pretty good value though and you do seem to get a lot of product for your money. The one nail kit that they have contains 16 polishes, a nail file, toe separators and various nail art bits for just £16, which is a bargain, but only if the polishes are any good.

Technic Nail Varnish is Tawny Port is one of those typical autumn / winter dark, plum, burgundy wine shades. On the nails it looks a bit like Rouge Noir but as you can see from the bottle it's more purple based.

Whilst I love the colour especially on my short / medium length nails, I hated pretty much every step of the application. The two main issues were the brush and the formulation. If the runny, liquidy texture wasn't bad enough, the brush was way to soft and had a tendency to flay with even the smallest amount of pressure, covering my cuticles with polish, and necessitating a bit of a clean up job.

Unusually for a shade like this it needed 3 coats for full coverage but thankfully each coat did seem to dry pretty quickly, giving a super glossy, rich finish. My first chip came after about 24 hours and the shine did seem to fade after a few hours but I'm sure a good top coat would have remedied both of these problems.

Once this polish was on it was fine, I loved the colour and the initial, deep glossy finish but the application was a frustrating experience from start to finish. Thankfully this polish wasn't that expensive and I've paid more and been equally if not more disappointed - you win some, you lose some I guess. That said it's definitely put me off buying any more nail polishes from the brand which is a shame. Have you tried any products from Technic? What did you think? Leave me a comment and let me know x 

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