Monday 29 September 2014

Weight Loss Update - 9 Months In - 27lbs Down

I've had one of those months guys x The month started off with a maintain, fine I can deal with that, but then came the big test - Mummy Lou's birthday! For 4 days solid I ate nothing but bad things, cake cheese, chocolate, ice cream - lots of naughtiness. I was to scared to do an official weigh in but a sneaky look at the hospital scales showed at least a 3lb gain - ouch!

My body though had other ideas and almost as soon as the weight gain registered, my body said no, no, no, that ain't happening! and struck me down with a weeks worth of gastroenteritis! I could barely eat or drink and nothing stayed in my stomach for more than an hour! Sorry if that's a little to much information but there is no way I would wish that on anyone, I haven't felt so ill for a long, long time but when I did manage to step on the scales again, I'd officially lost 2lbs, on a star week but in reality I'd probably lost nearer 6. A great weight loss trick but not something I would recommend :( Losing weight that quickly isn't healthy believe me!

I've spent the last two weeks trying to get my appetite back, and just trying to get my strength back so I haven't really been too careful about counting the calories, hence two maintains but again I can live with that. I'm still 2lbs down for the month so I'm looking at the positives of a pretty bad month in every sense of the word.

So what are my plans for October? Well I'm going to try and get back on the healthy eating bandwagon. It's not going to be easy, the onset of winter and  the cold dark nights always makes me want to hole and eat comfort food, but moderation is key and hopefully I can find some healthy winter warmers to help me through. I've been referred back to physiotherapy starting from this week, so activity could either be increased or decreased depending on how my assessment appointment goes but whatever the outcome I'll make the best of it. I've been slacking a bit of my Slimpod too so in October I'm determined to get listening again and to get Thinking Slimmer.

Thanks again for all your support especially when I was poorly and don't forget you can keep updated with my weight loss journey via my weight tracker page, and on instagram, where I will be starting to update my weekly weight loss again from next week x Thanks for reading x

(Various Thinking Slimmer Slim Pods Have Been Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes)

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  1. Wish you all the best for this month to keep up with eating healthy. I have had gastroenteritis too! & it truly sucks :(


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