Tuesday 1 July 2014

Weight Loss Update - 6 Months In - 27lbs Down

Over the last 4 weeks I've only managed to lose a measly 2lbs. By rights I should be disappointed but really I'm not. I haven't been very well recently so anything that I have lost has been a real bonus.

I've had a few treats here and there but by and large I've managed to stick to a pretty healthy diet throughout June. I've started juicing again, and I've eaten plenty of salads and fruit. I've also made a few of the Slimming World inspired meals to try and mix it up a bit, and I've been trying out some new snack ideas. I'll stick my food review of the month post up on Friday so you can see some of the things that I've been eating and drinking. 

Unfortunately exercise hasn't really happened over the last month, I've had days when even walking has been too much, but every movement is exercise, and it surprising how many calories things like, hoovering, and even shopping can burn so I'm not feeling too despondent.

I'm back listening to my Slim and Fit Pods every night at the moment too, and again I think that it's making the difference with regards to relaxation and motivation, particularly when I haven't felt up to it. I'm particularly focusing on the Create That Summer Beach Body download which is great for motivation at this time of year. I don't think I'm going abroad this year but I still want to feel confident enough to wear strappy tops, shorts and skirts in the warmer weather.

I'm not really a one for setting targets but in July I would love to lose another 2 pounds to take me back into the next stone barrier and back to the weight I was before my birthday. The weight seems to be coming off much more slowly than what it was, but at least its coming off and I'm not gaining x 

Thanks again for all your support on my journey and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Oh and if you want to keep in touch with my weight loss journey every week please check out the weight loss tab above and of course my instagram  for weekly updates x 

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