Thursday 3 July 2014

Trimming My Stash - June 2014 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews

Hey Guys x I know I say this every month but where on earth is this year going - It's July, we're more than half way through the year arghhhhh. Anyways it's monthly empties time again and yet again I've proved I'm consistent if nothing else!

Rituals Yogi Flow Indian Rose And Sweet Almond Foaming Shower Gel Sensation - 200ml
Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil -15ml
This Works Daily Boost Body Scrub - 50ml
Treacle Moon The Candy Jar Original Toffee Bon Bon Bath And Shower Gel - 500ml
Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic - 200ml
Boots The Spa Conditioning Body Moisturiser - 125ml
SBC Arnica Bath Soak - 250ml
Total - 7 Items

6 or 7 items really seems to be the norm for me so far this year and in June I finished 7 items. I didn't manage to finish any make up items in June but I managed to finish quite a few body care items, and one skincare item, so I'm not feeling as despondent as I did last month despite managing to finish only one product more. So what did I think about the products I finished in June, well for once my mini reviews are largely positive with at least 3 potential repurchases.

1. Rituals Yogi Flow Indian Rose And Sweet Almond Foaming Shower Gel Sensation - 200ml

This is the first product from Rituals that I'd ever tried and I'm certain that it won't be the last. This was one of those amazing shaving foam esq shower gel /creams. As you'll see in the next week or so I'm a huge fan of this type of formulation. This product had a gentle fragrance and left this skin feeling super soft and clean - loved it x

2. Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil -15ml

Another one of my obsessions are cuticle oils - I have really dry cuticles and I love using oils and creams to nourish them and keep them smooth. This is one of Essie's best and has a gorgeous fruity, peach / apricot scent. It's not too greasy or oily and it sinks in really quickly. I will definitely consider repurchasing this when I've finished the 3 or so that I have my collection - 2 of which I'll be reviewing for you in the near future.

3. This Works Daily Boost Body Scrub - 50ml

The only mehhhh item on June's list is this body scrub from This Works. This was a magazine freebie from quite a while ago now, hence the small size. This scrub had a nice aromatherapy based scent but for me it just wasn't scrubby enough, the grains were just too small and fine. If you have a more sensitive skin or you like to exfoliate everyday in the shower then this might be for you but it wasn't for me :(

4. Treacle Moon The Candy Jar Original Toffee Bon Bon Bath And Shower Gel - 500ml

This was a product that was sent to me for review purposes, you can read a full review of it here x

5. Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic - 200ml

This is one of my favourite toners of all time. It smells fabulous and it's great on sensitive skin. I particularly use mine at this time of year to cool and refresh my skin, and I tend to use it decanted into a spritzer. I love this toner with a passion but to be honest it's getting more and more expensive so I'm on the look out for something cheaper. If you have any toner recommendation for normal to oily skin please let me know x

6. Boots The Spa Conditioning Body Moisturiser - 125ml

I'm not sure how long it it since Boots have sold this but I found it in a long forgotten toiletry bag. I'm not always the biggest fan of fresh and aquatic aromas but I always loved this range, and I'm kind of gutted after rediscovering this, that it isn't made any more :( I recently review some Palmolive shower gels that smell similar but I think that's as close as I'm going to get.

7. SBC Arnica Bath Soak - 250ml

I'm a huge, huge fan of SBC products. They produce a range of easily absorbed gels, creams and bath and shower product based on natural and herbal ingredients. My CFS / Fibromyalgia causes a lot of muscle pain and stiffness and I'm a huge lover of the SBC Arnica Gel. There is no burning or freezing sensation but it just seems to help ease my poorly muscles. You can read a little review of the gel here x I hope you can excuse the awful pictures but 4 years ago I didn't haven't the best camera :) This however is the bath soak, it produces a gentle foam with a pleasant but not overpowering herbal smell. The packaging is quite utilitarian but the product really makes a difference when used in a warm bath. I already have a one of these in back up and it's something that I will continue to repurchase.

So they were my June empties x I'm hoping to do a little bit better in July and I've already finished two products already - go me! and I've also got two make up items just about done, so I'm pretty hopeful. Do your post your empties on your blog? Leave me a comment and a link and let me know x

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