Wednesday 9 July 2014

June Buys And Gifts - Benefit, Barry M, Avon, Collection, Primark And More

I know I'm late with this again but in my opinion hauls are always worth waiting for. Although I was going to try and cut back on my spending a bit in June, I still have lots to show you. I haven't been very well for the last month or so and my mum has took me shopping and bought me quite a few bits to try and cheer me up, and I've picked up a few bits for myself. We'll start off with some clothes and accessories.

Basic vests from Primark - always used and a bargain at £2.00 and £2.50 each. I picked the colours to match the H&M trousers that I mentioned that I was waiting for in Mays haul, but alas the trousers went back. Despite having the same description and fabric content as my other ones, they were completely different fabric wise and fit wise :( Never mind I'm sure I have a zillion other things that I can wear them with

Next up another one of these Primark necklaces - This is my third one now, and they all feature different colours and different beads - I loved the faux pearls on this one.

It's been a little while since I bought anything from ebay, but this pastel statement necklace has been on my watch list for a while now.

I love the pastel tones, and the almost rose gold toned chain. It was just £2.59 including postage from this seller.

Next up beauty - you've already seen a couple of my June Make Up Revolution purchases (click here if you haven't)  but I bought plenty more beauty good that you haven't seen yet x

For my birthday my lovely Mummy got a years subscription to one of my favourite magazines ELLE. Alongside the subscription I received a free Benefit The Bronze Of Champions Kit.

I'm going to a full review and face of the day in an up and coming post but believe me this is the perfect kit for holidays or for the summer months.

I have to say Benefit are one of my favourite high brands, I love their packaging, their style and their products. I'm a bit of a lip balm junkie so when I saw that they were introducing tinted lip balms based on their popular skin tints - my ears pricked up.

Unfortunately my purse didn't and I couldn't really justify the £14.50 price point. Last month though I made the decision  to cancel my Birchbox subscription, I've enjoyed the boxes but to be honest I'd rather spend money on things that I really wanted. Whilst I was cancelling my account I noticed that I had a few Birchbox points to cash so I decided to order the Posiebalm Tinted Lip Balm and pay with my points.

The colour in the tube looks a little bit warmer than the original Posie Tint but the metallic packaging is to die for.

They have a gorgeous rose smell and taste, and they feel very, very moisturising on the lips but to be honest the pigmentation isn't all that. Don't get me wrong it's a nice enough balm, but the tint is so sheer, it may as well not be there at all. I'll definitely use it up and enjoy it but I'm just pleased that I didn't pay full price for it.

If you were going to spend `£14.50 on one of these then may be your money might be better spent on something else that I picked up in June.

Barry M Cor Balmy's are tinted lip balms with a SPF 15. The outside of the balm and the moisturising core contains Vitamin E, Jojoba and Shea Butter. There are 5 shades to choose from and I went for CB2 Rosie Lea, a bright pink

Like the Benefit balms you don't get full on, in your face pigmentation, these are just a tint but in this case they are actually more pigmented than the more expensive alternative. They aren't as moisturising but for the price I can deal with that.

Oh and the price? Barry M Cor Balmy retail at just £3.49 each, so your can afford to pick up a few x

As well as these two tinted balms, in June I also picked up a plain lip balm. I was in Superdrug having a nosey and I saw the new Mardi Gras range from Collection. My eyes were drawn the lip balms and after having a little sniff I picked up 1 Green Apple. These are just plain, lip balms and for just £1.99 they are worth picking up. This one has a lovely fruity fragrance and taste with notes of apple and melon.

I really need to stop buying lip products - I'm currently sorting out my lip products to put them in my new Muji drawers and the amount of balms, glosses and sticks I have is bordering on the ridiculous. In June though I added to my lipstick collection with this buy from Avon.

The Color Trend Naughty Or Nice Lipsticks are pretty special - basically you get two colours in the one bullet.

I went for the shade high society which features a pale, fuchsia pink on one side and a deep raspberry on the other.

Both shades are really pigmented and can be used individually or mixed to form new shades.

I think that these lipsticks are a fabulous idea especially for holidays or travel - you basically get two colours for the price of one. The RRP for these is about £4 but the brochures nearly always have some for of special offer on.

As well as the lipstick I also picked up a little bargain for the sale brochure - A mini purse spray of the Today fragrance.

I love this fragrance it's a really heady white floral, and the 10ml  purse spray was just £2.50. I love purse sprays and roll on fragrances and I really don't think we see enough of the them in UK.

I love perfume, and I always have quite a few on the go at once, depending on my mood, and the occasion. As you probably know I'm a compulsive magazine reader and last month there were quite a few scratch and sniffs of the new Prada fragrance. It was love as first sniff - so when I had a week of none stop of medical and hospital appointments my lovely mummy bought me a bottle.

The fragrance in question is Prada Candy Florale. I'm really not a fan of the original or to be honest any of the other Prada fragrances but this is something different. It's a combination of florals and sweet notes. I'm seriously in love. Thanks Mummy Lou xx

As well as the vest tops and necklace I also got something from Primark's beauty range. I looked around the whole store and I couldn't find my usual tea tree face wipes. So instead I picked up a duo pack of their new Oil Balancing Face Wipes with tea tree and witch hazel. I haven't tried them yet but hopefully they will be an adequate replacement.

My final out and out purchase from June, was this very cute Hello Kitty hand sanitiser spray. I got it from my local, small, independent chemist. It's alcohol free which I love as I normally find anti bacterial gels and sprays quite drying.

The final things in my June haul were all magazine freebies - The monthly magazines have really upped their game when it comes to free gifts. First up Cosmopolitan featured a free pair of sunglasses. I rely on prescription sunglasses or clip ons usually but I loved these aviators.

The next freebie was skincare and InStyle featured a free 30ml tube of REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser, with a lovely, soft white cotton flannel.

The rest of June's freebies were nail polishes - Marie Claire featured a free mini Ciate Caviar Duo. I went for the lilac one which came with Sugar Plum nail polish and Ice Queen caviar pearls.

I don't normally buy Harpers Baazar but I made in an exception in June for a free full sized Leighton Denny nail polish. I am a huge fan of the Leighton Denny range and I went for the shade Lolly Pop, a lovely pinky, coral.

Finally June / July Red came with a free full sized Mavala nail colour. Mavala polishes really don't get enough love, and I went for the shade Trinidad a bright blue to add to my little collection.

So that was it that was June's haul. If you want to find out more about anything that I bought last month, please check out my You Tube video below x Oh and just a heads up I'm wearing the raspberry side of the Avon lipstick xx

Thanks for reading and hopefully thanks for watching and if you have any questions please leave me a comment xx

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