Sunday 2 February 2014

Feeling Fresh And Floral With Batiste*

You wouldn't think it from the weather this week but a new month means were one step closer to Spring. I love all the seasons in their own way but Spring really is something special. I'm going to sound a bit cheesy here but there really is something about the new born lambs in the fields and the flowers starting to bloom again that really lifts your spirits.

Spring also means a change a fashion, and probably since the year dot one of the key fashion trends of Spring / Summer has been the floral print. As well as the classic Liberty prints, designers as diverse as Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Roberto Cavalli have all based designs and collections on the humble flower.

What about this year? well florals were back again on the catwalk and featured heavily in the Spring / Summer 2014 collections from labels such as J Crew, Valentino, Miu Miu and Erdem. As per usual though you don't need to fork out for that price tag to get the look, ASOS alone comes up with around 1000 hits when you search for florals! These as just some of my high street and online floral picks.

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It's not just clothes though florals really are everywhere at the moment. Shabby Chic is probably the buzz word when it comes to home styling. It's vintage feel and look and vintage floral inspired designs are must haves whether there from Cath Kidston or from IKEA like my duvet cover.

It goes without saying that florals play a major role in the beauty industry, more and more products are botanical based and more and more floral prints are popping on product packaging, in product design and on beauty accessories such as this cute floral design pocket mirror*

I said in my recent Batiste Monochrome review that Batiste are a brand that like to follow fashion, and they've done it again with the recent introduction of Batiste Floral.

I'm really impressed with the designs on Batiste cans and the illustration on this one is gorgeous. It's a pale lemon with pink roses and bright green leaves scattered - not dissimilar to my duvet cover if the background was yellow - obviously.

When it comes to it's abilities as a dry shampoo having reviewed so many Batiste products  before, I guess I don't really need to say anything bar it does exactly what it claims to, they are nothing if not consistent. - where they do vary is with the fragrances. Batiste Floral as you would expect has floral notes at it's heart and features a combination of rose, violet, blossoms and lily of the valley. Perhaps more unexpected though are fruity top notes of melon, orange and peach. When you think about it maybe it's not that unexpected, all the top fragrance houses mix up their fragrance families to product unique scents and that's exactly what Batiste have done here. As you've probably gathered I'm useless at describing scents but you definitely do get a sort of fresh fruitiness at first leading to a sort of fine fragrance floral aroma afterwards. The smell of this one definitely reminds me of something but I can't put my finger (or my nose!) on what. At first I thought it was DKNY - Be Delicious and whilst I can see why I thought that (it has a similar combination of fruits and florals) I don't think that's the scent I'm thinking of. No matter, if you like floral fragrances but you don't like in your face say rose or violet, then you might like this fruity floral -it's definitely up there with my favourite Batiste fragrances of all time, and the can makes a lovely edition to my room x

Batiste Floral* is a Superdrug exclusive and retails at £2.99 for a 200 ml can x

(*Press Samples)

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