Monday 26 October 2009

Blog Sale Haul + An Update

Afternoon peoples - I meant to do a few posts over the weekend but alas an evil bug has come to get me :( - My mum hasn't been very well for a week or so and last night her nasty bug struck me I spent and hour or so with my head down the toilet bowl and today I am curled up on the sofa with a blanket, drinks , and a bowl within easy reach feeling like death warmed up - argh!!! I have felt like this before a few months ago and we all know what I had then but fingers crossed its just a nasty bog standard virus - yuck!
Anyways if there is one thing guaranteed to cheer me up it's goodies :) Over the weekend I was lucky enough to receive a parcel of goodies which I got from the lovely Cosmetic Candy's blog sale :) As well as the goodies I got she was also kind enough to enclose some lovely samples and sweeties, and one of her lovely pin badges :)
First of all I got some super cute Hello Kitty hair bobbles :)
I also got some Laura Geller Mattifying Powder which I have wanted to try for ages
and some Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner Sealer
I can't wait to have a proper play with this when I am feeling better - Huge thanks Rowena x


  1. Hope your feeling full scale again soon :) Love the HK bobbles!

  2. Love the bobbles! I had a bug last week, was sick for about 5 days then all of a sudden i was ok! x

  3. Thanks Girls
    @Em - I am feeling a bit better today so hopefully it will burn tiself out it better I have plans for this week lol
    @Sadie - thanks honey I saw I'll try and do it this week xx


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