Tuesday 24 February 2009

The Reason Why I Shop?

I must admit I have had a crappy couple of weeks. A twinge in my ear culminated in an ear infection and a blocked ear canal. Cue a few days of feeling very dizzy, nauseaous and disorientated. I eventually managed to get to the doctors where I was given a fortnights supply of antibiotics. they have only really started kicking in in the past day or so, so I have had over a week of being totally housebound and feeling ghastly, What do you do in this situation, unfortunately for me I shop online. I always seem to want to buy something to cheer me up, using it as an emotional crutch to perk me up and keep me sane. This time I turned to ebay buying a whole load of all be it bargain silver jewellery, and some discontinued Body Shop bits. It made me feel better for a bit then the guilt kicked in when I checked my paypal account. I really don't know why I do it - my old counsellor used to say I was filling a gap in my life which at the time made sense, but now who knows , maybe its just a habit I've got myself into - who knows. All I know is I have to try and get back into the money saving and spending ban habit - well after Thursday at least - I have an exclusive online invitation to the launch of MAC Hello Kitty - Oh well I can always start again on Friday ;)

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