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A Very Late Unboxing Of Glossybox UK - December 2020 - Best Time Of The Year Edition*

Over the course of a year there are usually 2 editions of Glossybox that I look forward to just a little bit more than the rest, the August, Birthday edition, and the December Christmas edition.

Visually stunning, December 2020's Christmas themed box wasn't quite as traditional as in previous years, there were no golds, reds or green, instead the box featured various shades of pink, and white, with pink, and white glitter, and embossed white lettering, and trees.

The inside of the box was a very pale nude, beige in colour with a white repeating pattern of the Glossybox logo / monogram. Carrying on with the pink vibe, the contents were wrapped in a sheet of deep pink, almost burgundy tissue paper, surrounded by lighter pink paper shred, all tied together with a white ribbon with the words "Best Time of the Year" printed on it in a matching deep pink, burgundy shade.

The first thing in the box as per usual, was the product information leaflet, which as well as telling you a little bit about all of the products in the box, tells you a little bit about the theme and the inspiration behind the product choices.

The theme of December's box was as you may have guessed "Best Time Of The Year", and according to Glossybox the box contained a mixture of pampering skincare products and festive season inspired cosmetics to help you feel glam throughout the festive season. but did they really achieve that? Let's take a look inside and see...

Symbiosis Glycolic Acid + R.N.A. Overnight Rejuvenating Eye Serum - 15ml - Full Size - RRP £102

If anything summed up my experience with Glossybox in 2020, it probably had to be their obsession with eye products, and in particular eye creams, gels and serums. Although I am quite lazy when it comes to eye products, you would have to be pretty obsessed with them to go through as many as I've received from Glossybox over the last 12 months or so. Needless to say this particular one remains unopened, unused and it's been added to my 'to use' pile.

From luxury, scientific and cruelty free UK brand, Symbiosis, this particular product is one of 11 different eye products in their range.

Containing glycolic acid, RNA, collagen, seawater, and mica, this overnight serum is specially designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, as well as relieving puffy and tired eyes.

From what I gather this particular product is only available direct from Symbiosis where it retails at a pretty hefty £102.

I've got to say that this particular products does sound pretty interesting, and given the rather astronomical price tag I think I'm going to be trying this one sooner rather than later.

Nailberry L'Oxygene Oxygenated Nail Lacquer - Strawberry Jam - 15ml - Full Size - RRP £15

Next up a little nails of the day for you courtesy of the next product in the box, a full sized nail polish from Nailberry. I only own one other polish from Nailberry, also courtesy of Glossybox, but since I haven't tried that on my nails yet, this was my first real Nailberry experience.

Nailberry are probably one of the most cleanest and greenest nail brands out there. All of their polishes are 12 free, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and Halal. The polishes like this one in their L' Oxygene range are also breathable, oxygenated, and water permeable.

The shade that I received was Strawberry Jam, a gorgeous vivid, berry red. Packaged in a rectangular, block like, glass bottle, the polish comes with a wide, slightly curved brush. The polish wasn't particularly runny but at the same time it did feel slightly drippy.

The coverage was fantastic, the polish itself was really smooth and pigmented and whilst I probably could have got away with one coat, as per usual I went with 2.

It wasn't the quickest drying polish that I've ever used, but it dried down to a lovely glossy finish, that lasted a good 4 without a top coat, and without chipping.

I did struggle a little bit with the application but that was only because of my super short, and narrow nails, the vibrance of the colour and the width of the brush, but other than that this polish was a winner.

It was glossy, vibrant, and it wore well. I didn't actually wear nail polish on Christmas Day, but I was rocking this particular polish on my toe nails, and it was the perfect colour for the festive season. Although I don't particularly need any more nail polish, I would definitely consider trying more polishes from Nailberry in the future. 

Nailberry polishes retail at around £14.50 - £15, and this particular shade, Strawberry Jam, is available from various retailers including direct from Nailberry as well as from John Lewis, and Space NK.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask - 1 Pair - 4g - Est. RRP £4

I know that Christmas is a stressful time, and Christmas 2020 with its bubbles, and lockdown weirdness was certainly that for most us. Not getting enough sleep, drinking more alcohol, and eating lots of fatty, salty, and sugary foods can all reflect our skin and in our eyes, so I guess that's why Glossybox included not one but two eye products in their December box.

I wasn't quite as put out by this one as I was by the serum because masks are always useful, and I've always got time for a bit of pamper session.

Wander Beauty is a 'clean' beauty range that specialises in creating a minimalist routine with multi tasking products with clean, skin loving ingredients. All of their products are cruelty free, as well as paraben, mineral oil, phthalate, and synthetic fragrance free.

Containing hyaluronic acid, aloe leaf, shea butter, calendula, camu camu, peptides and amino acids, this triple layered eye mask is apparently a real multi tasker. According to Wander Beauty they de puff the eyes, and brighten the appearance of dark circles, as well as being cooling and soothing on the eye area

The eye patches themselves come sandwiched between 2 thing circles of plastic, they were very wet, and there was a lot of excess serum in the packet, which had a pleasant green, herbal scent.

The patches feature 3 different layers, one side is white and is comprised of an elastic layer, and a layer of cellulose fibre that helps the patches stay in place, and helps the serum to absorb, and the other side of the patch has a gold, plastic like, foil finish which helps to stop the serum evaporating too quickly.

You apply the patches with the gold side facing outwards onto clean, dry skin. The patches stuck down really easily and they felt really secure. They initially felt quite cool and damp on the skin but they gradually warmed up to body temperature. The foil side of the patch dried quite quickly so if you wanted to you could pop your glasses on over the top of them but I just kept them off and took the opportunity to have a sneaky 5 minute cat nap :)


On Application

I left them on for about 15 minutes before peeling them off. What surprised me the most was just how little serum there was left on my face. There was just a tiny little bit which I massaged into my skin. My under eye area did initially feel a little bit tacky but the small amount of serum that remained absorbed pretty quickly. My eyes were left feeling cool, refreshed and less tired. There wasn't a huge difference appearance wise but I do think that my skin looked a bit plumper and more hydrated.


My skin seemed to really like these, and based on how much liquid they took in I think that my eyes really needed them. I think that these patches are perfect if your feeling a little under the weather and in need of a quick pamper session, they are a lovely treat that made a real difference to the feel of my eye area and I would definitely consider using them again.

Glossybox placed a price estimate of £4 on this one pair of patches. You can buy a single pair for around $5 direct from Wander Beauty, who also sell a pack of 6 pairs for $25. You can also buy a 6 pack from Cult Beauty and net-a-porter for £24.

SPORTFX Blend And Go Make Up Sponge - Full Size - RRP £4.99

The next product in the box was something functional and practical but not necessarily glamorous, it was a make up sponge from Sport FX.

Packaged in an almost clear plastic pyramid, the Sport FX Blend & Go Make Up Blending Sponge is a deep red in colour, and rather than being like the traditional rounded, Beauty Blender style sponge, this one has a rounded base, and an angular, geometric like form which culminated in a slanted, pointy tip. 

This isn't the biggest sponge I've ever tried so I probably won't be using it for a full face of foundation, instead I've found that the tip is perfect for small areas around the eyes and nose, and for blending out say concealer, and the rounded part of the sponge is probably better for blending out a highlighter, a bronzer or a contour than it is for foundation.

It might not be one of the most eye catching or exciting products that you'll ever find in a Glossybox but it's nice quality and it's useful. The Sport FX Blend & Go Make Up Blending Sponge retails at around £4.99 direct from Sport FX, as well as from House Of Fraser and Sports Direct.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula With Vitamin E Original Solid Formula - 30g Deluxe Mini - Est. RRP £1.50

The final item in December's box was one of 2 mini products from Palmer's famous Cocoa Butter Formula range. Every subscriber received either a bottle of body lotion or the product that I received a small jar of their original solid cocoa butter.

I love the vanilla, creamy scent of cocoa butter but I always preferred The Body Shops interpretation over the Palmer's offering but since that entire range was discontinued I'll take what I can get!

Containing cocoa extract, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and mineral oil (?!?), this product has a semi solid balm like texture, that melts down to a creamy, oil on contact with the skin.

On Application

Suitable for every skin type from normal to extra, extra dry, this product again is a real multi tasker, bar eating which sounds tempting! you can pretty much use it anywhere, from on patches of dry skin, to the ends of you hair, to on your lips, and on your cuticles.

My hands and nails have been super dry lately so I've mainly been using it on my cuticles, hands and nails as an overnight treatment, but i've also popped a little bit onto my lips, and onto my dry feet and heels.

Lightly Massaged In

It is a touch oily, and a bit sticky but it still absorbs quite quickly into the skin, leaving it looking instantly more hydrated and glowy, and feeling smoother, less dry and smelling like freshly baked cookies!


I've enjoyed using this little pot so much that I've actually nearly finished it, which is saying a lot when you consider just how little you actually need to use at once. I love it so much in fact that I've gone on to buy the full size so I can enjoy both the smell and the benefits for just a little bit longer.

I can't find this particular 30g size anywhere but the full 100g size is available for anywhere between £3.50 and £4.50 from a variety of retailers including Superdrug, Boots, and Morrisons.

So they were my thoughts on the eagerly anticipated December 2020 edition of Glossybox, and I don't know whether it's because I'd looked forward to it so much and hyped it up in my mind before it arrived, but it did leave me feeling just a touch disappointed.

It just didn't seem to live up to all of the glamorous and pampering claims that Glossybox made. Another all be it very expensive eye cream - mehh, a nail polish that definitely did fit in with the festive glamour feel, and an eye mask - pampering? yes but a make up sponge and multi purpose balm? not so much..

Don't get me wrong the value was definitely there in the eye serum alone, and I did like the products and the box design, it just didn't really wow me and much as I'd hoped. Did I expect too much with it being the Christmas box? Let me know your thoughts in the comment and don't forget to use my link to find out more about and about Glossybox and to subscribe x 

I've probably got an empties post for you next but make sure your subscribed for more upcoming content including some more unboxings, some product reviews, some first impressions on some Beauty Pie products and all of the details of my first Colourpop haul x Thanks for reading and I will see you soon with another post x 

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