Monday 5 April 2021

Nails Of The Day - Ciate - 023 Speed Dial*

Hi Guys x I hope you've all had a lovely long Easter weekend, it's been a strange one not seeing family and friends again, but we've made the best of it, I've done a bit of cleaning, I've filled a few charity bags, and I've consumed just a little bit of chocolate.

Before I play Glossybox catch up again I thought I'd share another belated nails of the day with you, again from way back in October, when my nails were long and I was on the hunt for the perfect orange nail polish.

Thanks to their ever popular Mini Mani Month Advent Calendars I have quite a few mini Ciate nail polishes in my collection. They usually produce a new calendar every Christmas filled different products from their range, and 5ml mini and 13.5ml full sized bottles of nail polish. They are a great way of either starting a nail polish collection, or for trying out new colours or formulations without too much of a risk.

I haven't bought a Mini Mani Month calendar for quite a few years now, as you can probably tell from this old style Ciate bottle with the sorely missed, fabric bow, so this particular polish, 023 Speed Dial, isn't the newest polish in my collection but since it had an orange tinge in the bottle I decided to give it a try.

Alas like OPI Mod-ern Girl, although it did look quite orange in the bottle, it was much more of a coral, orange, red on the nails. 

The one good thing about Ciate minis is that they are true mini versions of the full sized polishes - Because the polish is so small, the brush handle is quite short and as a result fairly easy to control.

The first coat was pretty sheer, and you could still clearly see the white tips of my nails through it. It actually took 3 coats to achieve the finish that you can see here. It dried fairly quickly though so it was worth applying that extra coat.

As you can see the finish was super glossy, smooth and almost mirror like. As per usual when I'm testing out a polish I skipped a top coat and it stayed relatively chip free on my be it very long nails for around 3 or 4 days.

Although again the colour wasn't quite what I expected it to be, it was super pretty and it was the perfect colour to cheer up a dull autumn or even snowy! spring day. Alas like so many of the polishes in my extensive collection this one isn't the easiest shade to find now. I can imagine it would be fairly easy to dupe, but if you want to add Speed Dial to your collection that you maybe able to find it in both this 5ml mini size, and in the full 13.5ml size from various discount retailers, as well as on Amazon and eBay x Let me know your thoughts on this polish in the comments and I will see you later in the week with a skincare review x 

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  1. I've not had a Ciate one in years, I wasn't keen on the bows but they definitely made them distinctive looking. Barry M do some good orange pumpkin type shades.


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