Thursday 18 March 2021

Nails Of The Day - OPI - Mod-ern Girl

Greetings, for coughing and spluttering land! Would you believe it? I'm actually ill again, I took a Covid test and thankfully it was negative, but I've been stricken by some other flu like virus. I have no energy to do the physical stuff that I need to do so I'm curled up in bed, listening to podcast, and getting my blog on.

I've been working my way through various computer files, looking at all of the photos that I've taken for various blog posts, and while I was doing that I found some nail pictures that I'd taken and edited but never posted, so whilst my nails are so-so at the moment, lets take a trip back to October time, when my natural claws were still in place.

I think at the time I was looking for orange shades for Halloween but the polishes that I tried were almost that fall / orange shade but they didn't quite cut it.

From OPI's Brights range, Mod-ern Girl is probably more a summer colour, than an autumn one. It's not really an orange at all, it's much more of a bright coral / red.

Despite the fact that this isn't one of the most recent polishes in my collection, it still applied like a dream, the OPI Pro Wide brush ensures excellent coverage, in just one or two strokes. You need to be a little bit careful to avoid the skin, if your nails are like mine and fairly slim, but otherwise the brush and formula is exactly what you would expect from a salon brand like OPI.

The coverage of the first coat was a little bit sheer, and more like a jelly finish than a true cream, so you really did need 2 coats for the full on glossy, almost mirror like, finish that you can see here. As per usual with OPI, it dried quickly and it wore well lasting a good 5 days without chipping.

Even though this wasn't the bright leafy, pumpkin orange that I'd hoped, it was still a beautiful cheery, colour no matter what the season, and I remember receiving several compliments when I wore it. Alas I think that this shade has now been discontinued by OPI, but if you look hard enough it is still out there on auction, and discount sites x Let me know your thoughts on this shade in the comments and I will see you tomorrow with a skin care type post x 

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