Friday 8 January 2021

Collaborative / Partnered Post - Perfect Your Make Up By Reducing Shine*

As well as my obvious lack of skill when it comes to make up, one of my biggest challenges is hiding my sinkhole like pores and covering up that oil slick like shine. Sometimes you do want a bit of shine and sparkle in your look, and as you know I do love my highlighters but I want it where I want it, and I want to be able to control just which bits shimmer and shine, cheekbones - yes! nose and forehead - no! If like me you struggle to keep your oily skin under control and your make up just slides off or looks shiny in minutes, then you might need to start doing a few things to get that insta perfect look that you want. There are lots of tips and tricks that you might find useful if you want to perfect your makeup and at get rid of that shiny finish.

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Use Products Designed for Oily Skin

It goes without saying that you should use skincare that's designed specifically for your skin type but you should also take a look at the make up that you're using. There are plenty of makeup products that are designed specifically for oily skin, so you don't have to continue using products that don't work for you. Colorescience is one brand that offers a range of products for oily skin, such as powder foundation, and more. You can find out more here about what they have on offer. Try out some new products to find what works for you, look at the textures, and finishes of your base products, and don't be scared to try products with a matte finish, you can always a bit of glow later on, where you want it. It's always worth having a look online and reading some reviews, and if you can try and get your hands on some samples especially if you're trying a new brands or a different type of product to what you normally use.

Prepare Your Skin with a Face Scrub

Preparing your skin before you put on your makeup can be a big help when you're trying to reduce shine. So if you're having problems with shine or your make up sliding off then get back to basics and reassess your skincare routine. As I said before, use products that will suit your skin and deal with your skincare concerns, don't just buy something because it's the it product of the moment. Although it can sound a little bit scary something worth looking at is a good face scrub which will help to ensure your skin is clean while also providing a gentle exfoliation. Face scrubs don't have to be harsh and scratchy, Enzyme scrubs feel more like a gel without any obvious exfoliating particles, and you can find various face scrub products that have natural ingredients and will help to rebalance your skin and control oils. Although I personally haven't tried it, you can also make your own scrub at home there are loads of different recipes online, so if you're into clean beauty or you want to know just exactly what's in your products then have a search, and let me know how your own natural skincare recipes x

Image from Pexels - CC0 License

Use a Primer

Many moons ago I used to go straight from skincare into foundation and concealer, but in my fight against the grease I realised I was missing quite an important step - primer! If you don't already use a primer, I think it's definitely worth adding one to your makeup routine. It prepares your skin so you're ready to put your makeup on, especially if you're someone who struggles with oily skin. Primer gives you a smooth base for your foundation so that you have a smooth canvas to apply your makeup too. It will make it easier to apply your makeup and make sure it stays there for longer too. If you choose a primer with a matte finish both your skin and your make up will look smoother and more even, and it will help keep the shine at bay. It may seem like an extra step but find a decent primer that works for you be it a cream, a liquid, or a gel, honestly you won't look back.

Set Your Makeup with a Face Powder

Now I know that it goes in and out of fashion, and that it doesn't work for everyone but personally I'm a bit of a face powder junkie, and I couldn't do my make up without it. When you have finished applying your makeup, you can help prevent shine by finishing it off with a face powder . This will help to set your makeup so that it holds for longer and will minimise shine at the same time. Even if you just pop a little bit of translucent face powder on your t-zone, it will help you to set your makeup look so that it stays in place for the day and won't come off until you're ready to take it off.

If you're looking for that insta perfect make up look, shiny and greasy skin just doesn't fit the bill, but there are ways and means and products to help you to minimise that shine, and to look glowy rather than shiny, but even if that oil continues to make an appearance don't worry, we are the lucky ones, oily skin doesn't age quite as quickly as dry skin does, so love the skin you are in, and if you do have an oilier skin type, make sure your following my blog to find out exactly what products works for me and my skin x

*Collaborative / Partnered Post

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