Sunday 9 August 2020

Nails Of The Day - OPI - Hello Kitty - Super Cute In Pink

Man it's been hot this weekend, whilst we haven't had quite the temperatures that some of you have had in the South of the UK, it's still been pretty warm and sticky here in my little part of Co Durham, so in honour of summer making all be it a small appearance I decided to paint my nails in a lovely, bright,  summery pink.  
Super Cute In Pink is a shade from top nail brand OPI's first collaboration with the cat you all know and love, Hello Kitty, although I'm sure I actually read somewhere that she isn't supposed to be a cat? what the hell sorcery is that? Anyways this colour was released as part of a limited collection back in early 2016, and seeing as I love both OPI and Hello Kitty I went on to buy most of the collection. This particular shade was part of a duo that I bought from QVC UK, and you can read my original haul post here.
Super Cute In Pink is a gorgeous cool, almost berry purple toned pink. It comes packaged in the trademark OPI bottle, which has a plastic, Hello Kitty design, sleeve around the lid. As with all newer OPI polishes it comes with their famous pro wide brush, which makes painting a breeze,
The first coat was a little bit streaky and sheer, but a  second coat did the trick on most nails, with only the odd longer nail needing an extra coat to completely cover up the white tips. The polish dried quite quickly though leaving a lovely glossy finish, and unusually for a lot of cream polishes, virtually no brush marks. 
For whatever reason I don't have much luck with nail polish staying on my nails, so I tend to rely on a decent top coat whenever I want my polish to last. When I'm actually reviewing a polish though like this one, in order to really test the wear time I never use a top coat. The majority of polishes start chipping within 24-48 hours, but surprisingly enough this when stuck around for a good four or five days before it started to chip off. I didn't do anything different, I washed, I cooked and cleaned, and used cuticle oil, hand cream, and hand sanitiser and by and large it stayed put. 
I really love OPI as a brand, and this polish shows why, despite being a few years old now the quality is superb, the colour is really pretty and wearable, and it's got Hello Kitty heads on the bottle - love!
As I say though, this polish was a limited edition and part of the 2016 Hello Kitty collaboration, so it's incredibly hard to find now - I've had a little look on eBay and I found a few bottles in sets and a few bottles in the gel formulation so it is out there, you might just need to spend some time hunting it down. As pretty as it is though I don't think the colour is that original so there may be something else on the market that's similar and easier to find. Did you any polishes from either of the OPI Hello Kitty collections? Let me know x 

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