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A Very Late Unboxing Of Glossybox UK - December 2019 Edition - Merry Metallics*

I've had a little look at the posts that I've got coming up, and I think that this might be the last one that dates back to 2019, so after this one everything else should at least be from the right decade, maybe? Anyways since this post and the ones that follow are so late I've had a chance to try nearly all of the products that I'm going to talk about, so that is really my justification for featuring boxes that you can no longer get your hands on - I hope you'll agree with me and I hope that you'll find at least some of the product reviews useful.

Like most Christmas subscription boxes, the December edition of Glossybox UK arrived on my doorstep in special, limited edition, festive packaging. The box lid was a warm metallic gold, overlaid with a rich, matte red geometric design, which coordinated perfectly with rich, matte red base of the box.

The red and gold theme continued inside the box with rich red tissue paper, and paper shred, and a sparkly gold ribbon.

The theme of December's Glossybox was "Merry Metallics" and it was full of radiance boosting products, to help you sparkly your way through the party season - ah the memories when we could actually socialise - surprising what you take for granted - but you can still get glammed up at home for those video chats and these are some of the products that I've been using over the last few months.

LA Splash Cosmetics Golden Gatsby 3D Faux Mink Lashes - 00370 - 1920 - Full Size - RRP £9.50 / $12

The first item in the box was the second LA Splash product that I received in December after the Wickedly Divine Eyeliner In Rosaline, that I got in my Glossybox advent calendar (you can read my thoughts on it here). 

I don't know a lot about them but from what I can gather LA Splash are a US based, cruelty free cosmetics company, and even though I'm not a huge lash wearer cruelty free ones are a must for me! These are gorgeous, full, synthetic lashes. I remember it caused a little bit of controversy at the time but there was no adhesive with the lashes due to potential latex allergy concerns, but I'm sure most lash wearers would already have a tube or two floating around.

This is actually the only item in the box that I haven't tried yet. Again my facial paralysis, is probably to blame but I am useless at applying false lashes, so now that we all have plenty of time on our hands, one of my goals for 2020 is to learn how to apply false lashes properly, so make sure you're following me on my other social media channels to see how I get on!

These lashes are available either direct from LA Splash for around $12 or from Beauty Bay for around £9.50.

Steve Laurant Loose Powder Pigment - Rose Gold - 1.5g - Full Size - RRP £14 / $14.60

Next up, an item from another brand that appeared in the 2019 Glossybox Advent Calendar, Steve Laurant. Where as the advent calendar contained a lip balm / tint (you can read my review here), December's Glossybox contained a multi purpose, loose pigment powder.

Both cruelty free, and gluten free this powder come boxed and beautifully packaged in a faced clear pot, with rose gold / copper toned lid.

This superfine powder is in a beautiful coppery, gold shade, the pigmentation is excellent and it blends effortlessly into the skin.

This is a multi use products so you can use it on the face, body and on the eyes. I've mainly been using this as an eye colour and I think that it's a really pretty shade, that would also work nicely in the summer with a tan.

The pot is quite small but since you only need to use a tiny sprinkle of pigment each time, it should last a long while.

The only official retailer of this product appears to be direct from Steve Laurant where it retails at around $18, Glossybox give it a UK retail price of  £14.60.

Bellapierre Liquid Shadow Eye Candy - Venus - 3ml - Full Size - RRP £15

The next product was another make up item and this time it was a product from cruelty free, mineral make up brand Bellapierre. Bellapierre is a real favourite subscription box brand, and even though I was already familiar with the brand various calendars and boxes have given the opportunity to try more products and learn more about the brand. I've tried a couple of lip things from them now including a Kiss Proof Lip Creme, in the March 2019 edition of Glossybox, the Kiss Proof Lip Finish from the 2018 Glossybox advent calendar, and the Banana Setting Powder from the 2017 Look Fantastic Advent Calendar, but this is the first time in a long while I've had the chance to try an eye product.

This is basically a liquid / cream eyeshadow that Bellapierre claim won't crease or smudge. The shade I received was Venus, which is officially described as golden nude.

First impressions were good, I loved the colour, and the swatch only encouraged my optimism,  the sponge applicator made it simple to apply, it was smooth, it was pigmented and it set pretty quickly.

So I immediately decided to pop it on my eyes, it was a little more glittery than I'd expected from the swatch but it looked it very pretty on, but and the big but it didn't last at all, the swatch on my hand actually washed off quite easily with just water, and in under an hour the shadow had completely disappeared from my mobile lid, leaving only dozens of particles of glitter!

I love the colour but this just didn't work for me at all - They were right it didn't crease or smudge, it just disappeared! I hate giving up on products so I'm going to try this with a variety of shadow bases, and I might even try it as a base for other shadows - I'm not relegating this to the useless pile yet but we'll see. The only place I can find this online is from the official Bellapierre UK website only in slightly different packaging.

L.O.V Cosmetics The Fateful Lacquered Lip Stain - No.730 Dewy Infinity - 5.3ml - Full Size - RRP £7.99 / €8.99

Yes, it's another make up item, and it was something from a new brand to me L.O.V, who are a mainland Europe based cosmetics company, with the same parent company as Catrice and Essence.

This lip product is described as the perfect of a lipstick and a gloss. Containing Vitamin E, hyaluronic filling spheres, this lip colour claims to be long lasting, smudge proof, and it also claims to plump and enhance your pout.

Glossybox subscribers apparently received one of 5 shades, the one that I got was Dewy Infinity, an almost cherry red. Packaged in an almost mascara like tube, this product comes with a tapered sponge applicator for easy and precise application, which is exactly what you need with a colour like this which has a tendency to creep outside of the lip line. It felt very creamy, and smooth on the lips, and it felt very comfortable to wear.

The finish itself was very shiny and glossy, that gloss gradually faded leaving a real pretty and slightly more wearable pink, red lip stain, which gradually faded from the inside out.

This isn't a very "Louise" colour but I'm slowly but surely learning to appreciate a bold lip, and whilst I would only wear this colour for a party or for a night out, I can appreciate the quality, the finish and the wear time. One word of warning though don't get this on your clothes if you can help it - I managed to get some on a pale blue top, and it's taking some getting out! The only place that I can find this range is directly from the L.O.V website where this full sized lip colour retails at around £7.99.

Original Source Sweet Rhubarb & Raspberry Shower Gel - 250ml - Full Size - RRP £2.30

Away from the glitz and glam of the rest of the box the final item was a little bit more practical and it gave me a chance to try another shower gel from Original Source.

Like the previous shower gel that I tried from Original Source (read my review here) this one is suitable for vegans, it's eco friendly and it contains 100% natural fragrances. This particular shower product contains 4 essentials oils and extract including rhubarb stalk extract and raspberry extract.

The first thing you notice when you open the bottle is the scent, it has a very fruity but at the same time, natural scent. I can smell a true raspberry scent, intermingled with the tart, sweet notes of the rhubarb - it really has one of those scents that makes your mouth water. It isn't all about the scent though this is a lovely thick shower gel, only a tiny amount produces a mountain of surprisingly moisturising bubbles.

I love rhubarb and it's slightly tart, tangy scent, and I'm really pleased to see it popping up in more and more beauty products, and this shower gel has quickly became a firm favourite in my bathroom.

Glossybox quote a recommended retail price of around £2.30 but like with a lot of drugstore, and widely available products it worth shopping round, obviously safely and observing government guidelines as you do it but I've seen it for as little as £1.

For me this was a pretty decent box, especially since I'm a huge make up lover, the eyeshadow was a bit of a fail, but the standout product for me was another make up item and it was the Steve Laurant pigment, a lovely shade, and something that I will definitely use. All in all this box was well worth money, and the contents were ideal for the party season and beyond. As I say despite the lateness of this post I hope you've found it useful and I hope that you've been inspired to look beyond some of the more obvious beauty brands and products out there, and to try something new x Don't forget to use my referral if you fancy trying Glossybox for yourself - have a click of this link to find out more x  If you have any questions on any of the items in this post then please leave me a comment below and I will see you soon with another late unboxing post x 

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