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Unboxing Glossybox - October 2019 Edition - Angel Or Devil*

There is nothing more annoying than "a while you were out" card from Royal Mail - I mean I don't go out that often but when I do, I usually return home to a little red card on the doormat. The parcel that I missed on Friday was my November Glossybox, and whilst I'm a little bit annoyed that I haven't been able to have a play with it this weekend - it's given me some time to get October's unboxing out of the way.

The October 2019, sell out edition of Glossybox, came in two different variations that were sent out randomly to subscribers. The options were Angel or Devil, and each box contained basically the same contents only with slight colour, and flavour variations.

Of course I received the Angel box, I mean can you really see me as a devil? No sweet and pure are my middle names ;) The box was predominately pale blue, and it featured a blue eye design, with silver metallic accents, and a halo.

Inside the box the contents was wrapped in white tissue paper, and white shred, which will be really useful come Christmas time

As per usual the box included an information booklet to tell you a little bit more about the contents and of course the theme of the box. The theory behind the Angel box is that an angels beauty never fades, and the contents was designed to make you look and feel divine!

STYLondon Velvet Eyeshadow Palette - Angel - 4.5g - Full Size - RRP £15

The first item was September's sneak peek item, and it was an eyeshadow palette from British brand STYLondon. I've a few things from STYLondon now including a different style of  eyeshadow palette in Eaton Square which I received in the November 2018 edition of Glossybox (You can watch my unboxing video here), a gorgeous lipstick that I got in June's Pink Parcel, and a a face powder that I received in the July edition of Pink Parcel (You can read my thoughts here and here) and I have I've been really impressed with both the quality and performance of everything that I've tried up to now.

As I say STYLondon are a UK company, all of their make up products are mineral based, cruelty free, and paraben free.

The eyeshadow palette that you received depended on the box that you got, so the eyeshadow palette I got was the appropriately named Angel. There isn't really anything special about the the black and clear plastic packaging, it's practical, sturdy and it does the job, don't let the slightly dull packaging fool you though, the shadows inside are more than a little bit special!

Angel features 9  matte, shimmer and almost sparkle and glitter based eyeshadow colours, in a variety of pink based shades, ranging from almost peachy, nudes, to pinks, burgundies and corals. 

Formulated with added vitamins, all of the shadows are smooth, and buttery and they blend literally like a dream. The pigmentation even on the matte shades is excellent, they don't feel chalky or gritty, just soft and creamy

Being as soft as they are you do get a bit of fallout especially on the shimmery, and sparkly shades, but the finish is so worth it, and the wear time was excellent - even on my notoriously oily lids there was very little fading and no creasing. I've done a quick eye look using a few of the shades so you can see just how well they blend. 

Pink eye colours seem to be really on trend at the moment, and even though a bit scared of them, and I'm frightened that I'll look as though I've got conjunctivitis, this palette is so wearable, and the quality is so good it makes experimenting with a new look a piece of cake. I really can't recommend this palette enough, and I'm so pleased that this was the one that I received instead of the slightly safer browns and bronzes in the Devil option. If you fancy trying it for yourself, you can buy it for around £15 directly from STYLondon.

Lord & Berry 20100 Maximatte Lipstick Crayon - #3407 Angel Pink - 1.6g - Full Size - Est. RRP £15

Although I can't find any reference to Lord & Berry, or these pencils on the blog, I do actually own a different shade, Here-and-Now, a coral, red, that I think I must have got in a previous subscription box.

Formulated with vitamins, Lord & Berry's Maximatte formulation promises intensely long lasting colour, and smooth and comfortable application.

Angel or Angelic Pink as Glossybox describe it, is a very pale, almost 60's Brigitte Bardot esq pink. As you can see from the swatch below, it swatches well, nice pigmentation, no problems, put it on the lips though and everything changes.

It didn't feel creamy or soft, it felt dry and it dragged across the lips. The super pale colour accented every line and every crack and imperfection on the lips - not good! The only plus side of the product is that it actually lasted quite a while on the lips. The only way that I will ever wear this again is with a load of gloss or balm on the top, or a base for a similar coloured more hydrating and moisturising lip colour.

I definitely think that the fact that the colour looks so draining on me at the moment has altered my judgement as I definitely don't seem to have the same dry, dragging problem with Here-and-Now, which just seems to be an all around better product.

I can't find this specific shade online but other shades in the Maximatte formula are available from various retailers including directly from Lord & Berry, and Fragrance Direct for around £15.

Bubble T Cosmetics Angel Dust Foaming Bath Powder - 90g - Est. RRP £4.99

Now there are many interpretations of the term Angel Dust, including a pretty decent Faith No More album, but the Angel Dust in the case refers to Bubble t Shimmering Angel Dust Foaming Bath Powder. If you're a long term reader then you'll know that I don't actually have a bath a the moment so I haven't tried this product and I will passing it on to a friend that does.

I think this particular product was something that was exclusive to this kit but you can buy various varieties of bath salts, and bath powders, direct from Bubble t for around £3.99 - £4.99, and from various other retailers including Superdrug, Fragrance Direct, and Look Fantastic.

MCo Beauty Eye Define Crayon Liner - Black - 0.3g - Full Size - RRP £14

Next up another eyeliner, why are subscription boxes so obsessed with eyeliner?? Never mind this is my first product from Australian, cruelty free, and gluten free brand MCo - From what I gather the brand is from the same stable is Model Co hence the similar name.

Packaged in a very Mean Girls esq, pink twist up dispenser, MCo claim that this semi matte eyeliner, has a waterproof, waterline safe formula, that won't smear, budge or flake. 

It's not the blackest, black eyeliner that I've tried but it felt nice and smooth when I swatched it, and the pen itself was nice and easy to control.

Now I'm notoriously untalented and pretty useless when it comes to eyeliner application, and even wearing eyeliner but I actually had a bit of a play with this one and I took some pictures to prove it.

Although the swatch applied quite smoothly on my wrist, I did find it dragged a bit on my slightly crepey eye lids, especially when I applied it over the top of existing make up. I'm not great at applying liner but to be honest I don't think I did too bad a job here, maybe I should have applied it a bit closer to my lashes, but with the slight dragging, I think it's passable.

 As well as application issues, one of the other reasons why I tend to avoid eyeliner is that it doesn't usually wear that well on my oily, hooded, eye lids. Well shock of horrors this one actually stayed on! I had about 30 second to a minute to clean up any mistakes, and then it seemed to set and it stayed put, even during a pretty epic onion chopping session, until I removed it.

I'm not completely converted to the ways of eyeliner just yet, but this was decent enough to make me want to wear it again, after all practise makes perfect! If you fancy trying it, it retails at around £14 directly from MCo.

Que Bella Beauty Illuminating Holographic Peel Off Mask - 10ml - Full Size - RRP £2.49 / $2.49

Something else that you seem to get quite regularly in subscription boxes are face masks, and this particular mask is currently one of the best selling face masks at US retail chain Target. The company que bella are US based, and the brand will be launching in the UK soon, so Glossybox subscribers really had a sneak peek of what is to come.

I haven't had a chance to try this yet but I'm pretty excited about it - it looks gorgeous in the packaging - all sparkly and iridescent and it contains two of my favourite things Jasmine and Violet extracts, and Hyaluronic Acid Salts, and it promises to hydrate, nourish and remove dead skin, to leave the skin dewy and radiant.

I'll let you my thoughts in a future empties post but if want to find out more in the meantime then you will be able to buy it soon from £2.49 direct from que bella.

Whittard Of Chelsea Luxury White Hot Chocolate - 20g Sachet - Est. RRP £2

Glossybox as you know usually contains 5 items but lately subscribers have been receiving the odd extra treat, and October's certainly was a delicious one. My box contained a single serve sachet of Whittard Of Chelsea Luxury White Hot Chocolate.

I love Whittard and this just so happens to be my favourite hot chocolate that they do, there simply isn't enough white hot chocolate around. In keeping with the Angel theme this stuff really is heavenly, mix the contents of the sachet with 200ml warm milk, and you have a mug of sweet, creamy, rich, white, milky heaven (squirty cream and white chocolate buttons are of course options additions but even angels can be naughty at times!)

Glossybox place a value of £2 on this 20g sachet, but the full 350g size tub retails at around £8 directly from Whittards Of Chelsea and from various other retailers - Go on treat yourself, you know you want, I certainly will be ;)

So late it maybe, and despite the Lord & Berry fail, this was another good box from Glossybox. It was pretty make up heavy which I don't mind and my obvious highlight was the eyeshadow palette but all in all it was an excellent value, treat yourself kind of box. You can still get your hands on November's box which contains a full size Kandi Cosmetics Pro Glow Mist so have a click of my link if you would like to find out more x Fingers crossed my November box will be redelivered without a hitch and I can get a review up within the next week or so, in the meantime though I've got a couple more catch up posts from October and then I've got some reviews and more bits and pieces to come next week so make sure you're following my blog so you don't miss anything x 

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