Tuesday 5 March 2019

Trimming My Stash - February 2019 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews*

I don't know about you guys but at the moment I think I'm in the middle of a pancake coma! Gluten free pancakes aren't the easiest thing to master but thanks to a slight tweak to Gizzi Erskine's famous recipe, pancakes have been made (you can see some pics on my Instagram if you want to see how they came out x) and consumed, so I'm now feeling a little bit full and a bit lethargic, so I'm going to apologise in advance for how this post might comes out lol

I'm finding it all a bit scary though that we're in March already, it doesn't seem two minutes since Christmas, and what with the relatively warm for the time of year, temperatures, it seems like we've bypassed winter altogether. Only joking it's actually forecast for snow this weekend, but I'm sure you get where I'm coming from, yet again the months and years are flying by!

February was a busy month for me, as well as dealing for a seeming never ending fibro, and CFS flare, as I mentioned in my last post, I've also been having a bit of a sort out and a bit of a change around in my room. As well as binning a few bits that were passed their best, I also discovered a whole box of beauty products that I'd completely forgotten about! but hey what's one more boxful of goodies, when you already have about a dozen to use up? It's only made me even more determined to keep on using things up, and of course to stick to my philosophy of buying less and using more. 

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bod Buff Smoothing Scrub 'N' Mask - 15ml

AVON True Nutra Effects Micellar Cleansing Water - 400ml
Natura Rose Infused Sheet Mask - 1 x Sheet Mask - 22ml
Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream - 50ml
Tea Tree Daily Use Cleansing Facial Wipes - 25 x Wipes
Total - 5 Items

When it comes to trimming my stash though, February wasn't the best of months. Although I was one up on January's total I still only managed to finish 5 items. As I say I binned a few bits and pieces but because I didn't actually use them up I can't count them, so no make up items, and no haircare, and instead a nice but small mix of skin care and body care products.

1. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bod Buff Smoothing Scrub 'N' Mask - 15ml

Now first up a products that I acquired sometime last year through the FEELUNIQUE Pick 'n' Mix scheme. I don't use it all the time but it does give you a good opportunity to try try some sample sized products before you buy the full sizes. Every month you can pick 5 samples from an extensive list of skin, body care, fragrance and make up minis for only £3.95. Your samples are delivered straight to you door, and the £3.95 that you paid, can be redeemed against any future purchases from FEELUNIQUE. As I say I don't get one every month but if you keep checking back your can sometimes pick up some real gems.

A lot of the samples are in sachets but I was lucky enough on one occasion to get this good, travel sized tube of body scrub. From the same stable as the almost cult status, Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. This scrub isn't just a daily exfoliating body scrub, it's also a detoxifying body treatment mask. 

Containing, Amazon river clay, rice bran wax, coconut oil, cupuaco seed butter, acai fruit oil, henna, basil, turmeric, and crushed Brazilian quartz crystal, you can either use it like you would a regular body scrub by massaging it in to damp skin, or you can use it on the body as a treatment mask, simply apply it dry skin, and then leave it for 5-10 minutes until it sets, and then add warm water, and massage into the skin before rinsing the excess away.

The first thing you notice about this is the colour, probably thanks to the turmeric and henna, it's a bright mustard yellow with very small blue, green particles suspended, in an almost clay face mask kind of consistency. After the colour the next thing you notice is the smell, officially described as pistachio and salted caramel, it has quite a strong perfumed scent, I'm sure I get those particular notes from it but it is very tropical and very summery.

To be honest I just used it as a body scrub, and whilst this kind of cream based formula isn't my favourite body scrub consistency I did actually enjoy using this. It wasn't the scrubbiest of scrubs that I'd ever used but it did the job. I don't know about it making me beach ready but my definitely felt cleaner and smoother.

This isn't the cheapest product out there at around £21 for 160ml but I wonder definitely consider not only buying the full size but also trying the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, and the rest of the range in the future. You can buy the full range from various retailers including FEELUNIQUE, Cult Beauty, Selfridges, Harrods, and Harvey Nichols.

2. AVON True Nutra Effects Micellar Cleansing Water - 400ml

Now I'm a bit of a fan of micellar waters, and out of all of them that I tried two from AVON are definitely in current my top 5. I'm a huge fan of the AVON ANEW Anti-Aging 3 in 1 Cleansing Water and at the moment I'm loving this particular one from their True Nutra Effects range.

Basically micellar waters contain an ingredient called micelles which basically act like magnets to remove all of the make up and impurities from the skin. This particular one also contains AVON's unique active seed complex which contained both vitamin E and chia seed. Designed to gently remove makeup from the face, eyes and lips, it's suitable for sensitive skins and it's allergy tested and paraben free. 

It always surprises me how unassuming micellar waters look and this is one is no different. With no real scent and a water like, clear appearance, you don't expect miracles, but this one removes every trace make up without redness and even with my super sensitive eyes only a tiny bit of watering!

I don't use micellar waters all of the time, but when I'm lacking in spoons, or pushed for time, I often use them for a quick morning cleanse, or for a super quick make up removal or night time cleanse. Whilst some skincare aficionados questions their use, for me they are good alternative to wipes when it comes to speed and convenience. I'm currently trying a few other micellar waters out so it might be a while before you see another one of these in an empties post but I do occasionally order one or two when they are on offer. The 200ml size has a recommended retail price of £4 but depending on the brochure you can sometime make some decent savings. This particular bottle is the 400ml double size, it isn't a regular stock item but you do see it every now and then.

3. Natura Rose Infused Sheet Mask - 1 x Sheet Mask - 22ml

I've already briefly talked this mask in my January Pink Parcel unboxing (click here to read it, if you haven't already) but now I've had a change to try I feel I can say a little bit more about it x 

From Beauty Pro's vegan friendly line, this sheet mask contains extracts of lavender and rosemary and rosewater, and it's designed to calm, and hydrate the skin, and to soothe irritation, and minimise redness.

My skin is a bit all over the place at the minute, with spots, redness and dry patches so I thought I'd give this a go. The first thing I noticed was just how wet this mask actually was, it was literally dripping, with an almost water like scented solution. I expected to have a rose scent but it actually had quite an aromatherapy / herbal based scent, with unusually just a hint of baby powder. Because it was so wet, I had to lie back and properly relax for 15 minutes to stop the excess liquid running down my neck!

After the 15 minutes was up there was still quite a bit of liquidy residue on my skin so I helped it along it's way and started to massage it in to my face, and neck. It was a touch sticky, at first but the majority of the liquid did eventually absorb into my skin. When it had absorbed it my skin felt cooler and fresher, and it definitely looked brighter and clearer.

It wasn't the most hydrating mask that I've ever used buy it was a nice treat for tired, dull skin. The mask retails at £4.95 and is available directly from Beauty Pro and the Pink Shop.
4. Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream - 50ml**

As a blogger I'm sometimes lucky enough to be invited along to blog or press events, and something that you often get is a goodie bag. Now I know that I didn't buy thing and I know that I've never received it as part of a gift with purchase so the only place that I think it could have come from is in a goodie bag, which one? I have no idea, but I thought I'd better be safe than sorry and mention it's potential origins ;)

Anyways because of thyroid issues I do have very dry feet so I'm always on the look out for new miracle, foot care products, and in particular foot creams that don't smell of mint. I not the biggest fan of minty aromas so anytime I can find a foot product with them is a bonus. Containing cashew nut, Shea butter, arnica, myrrh and thyme, this cream has a fresh herbal type scent.

It has a a creamy, non oily texture, but it's not too thick, so it's quite easy to massage it in to the feet. Because it isn't the thickest of textures it absorbs into the skin quite easily, and because of the arnica extract it does leave them feeling less achy, and tense. 

When it comes to foot creams though my feet need a products with a bit of a bite and unfortunately this didn't quite cut the mustard. It's a good everyday cream but if you have very dry skin, you might be better off with a more hydrating, intensive treatment. The full 125ml size retails at around £25 at Clarins concessions and online.

5. Tea Tree Daily Use Cleansing Facial Wipes - 25 x Wipes

Finally a packet of face wipes, and unusually they're not my usuals from Primark. I originally bought these in B&M for £1 for 2 packs of 25 wipes, but they are also available in Poundland. I already finished one packet, back in September (read my thoughts here), and after finishing the second packet last month my opinion hasn't really changed.

Yes they contains tea tree, but they also contains peppermint, and as a result they have quite a strong menthol, minty based scent, which I found slightly irritating on my eyes and skin. I ended up using these for swatch removal and in my handbag as almost hand sanitising wipes. They were pretty good for that but in future I think I'll stick to my old favourite Primark wipes.

After all of that concentration and contemplation I think the pancake overdose is subsiding, ah the relief, anyways they were my February empties, the aim is to do better in March but if you have any questions on any of the items that I've mentioned then please leave me a comment below x 

*This Post Contains Both Affiliate And Non Affiliate Links
**Came In Blog Event Goodie Bag 

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