Thursday 7 February 2019

Nails Of The Day - Nails Inc - Elizabeth Street

If there is one thing that I probably don't need any more of it's nail polishes, I probably have enough to stock several nail salons, but throwing all logic out of the window it's something that I can't seem to stop buying, throw Christmas into the equation and I've probably acquired about 15 nails polishes in the last 2 months alone - I think I have a problem!

So I guess it makes some sort of sense that I've decided (natural nails depending that is) to start sharing regular nails of the days with you again, What probably is a little bit stranger though is that the polish in my previous NOTD post (Nails Inc - Victoria - read it here if you haven't already) and the polish in this post are almost vintage models!

This is another one of my original Nails Inc polishes - Elizabeth Street, like Victoria has pretty much been around since Day 1, and again it's easy to see why it's probably as popular now as it ever was.

Elizabeth Street is a perfect creamy, natural nude shade. If you've been lucky enough to have a French Manicure at one of Nails Inc's many nails bars, then this is one of the shades, that they could have used. Team it up with a shade like Whitehall for a full on French look or wear it on it's own for a clean, fresh, classic natural nail look.

If you're a Nails Inc historian or aficionado then you'll know that again this is one of their very early bottles, so no wide, curved brush here. The original Nails Inc polishes had quite a thin brush, it takes a little bit longer to paint with admittedly but if your nails are shorter,  then it does make it a tiny bit neater, especially if like me you aren't the best nail painter!

After the first coat it was a bit streaky and you could definitely still see the colour of my nail bed and nail tip through the polish. Apply one coat really well though and you would a very natural nude pink shade, aka your own nails but better, build it up like I have though and you get more of the true, cream, nude shade. The density and coverage improves with every coat, so depending on how well you apply it and your nails, it could take 3 or more coats for full blank out coverage. As you long as you apply thin coats though it should dry quite quickly, and  even given the age of my bottle I didn't have too many problems with drying time.

For speed in theses photographs I'm only wearing two coats, but to be honest on some nails I probably could have done with 3 coats because it does look a bit streaky. This is one of those colours that in theory should be easy to paint but as you can see it's not! I'm going to hold me hands up and say that this isn't the neatest manicure that I've ever done, but I do think that the pale colour has at least a little bit to do with it, for some reason it seems to show up every imperfection especially around the cuticle area - all I can say is just don't look too close ;) Never mind at least it made up for it's less than perfect finish with wear time, because you can't really see any chips I managed to get nearly a week out of this without a top coat, which is almost completely unheard of for me, 

Despite the odd flaw here and there this is a really easy to wear colour, it's a proper neutral, that's perfect for any nail length, it is a true classic, and there is literally nowhere that you couldn't wear this colour. As I say it's perfect on its own and as part of a French Manicure but given its very neutral tone, and its ability to almost white out / blank out your nails, it like Victoria, makes the perfect base for all of those fabulous glittery, holographic, and iridescent top coats. If you read my Nails Inc INC.redible Cosmic Girl post before Christmas (check it out here x), then you may have already seen this shade topped with the fabulous colour shifting Cosmic Girl, to give it an amazing transformation from safe, classic, neutral, to sparkly wonderfulness!

Elizabeth Street is one of those must have shades, and even if you think it's a bit boring, and a bit safe, get it and have a play with it, it's such a versatile colour that you won't be disappointed - look even Tallulah likes it! Nails Inc - Elizabeth Street in it's new and funky packaging is readily available at Nails Inc concessions, nails bars, and online x 

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