Thursday 17 January 2019

Nails Of The Day - Nails Inc Victoria

I think I might have mentioned this a few times, before but even though nails of the day posts were few and far between in 2019, it doesn't mean that I fell out love with nail polish. I fell out of love with my nails at times but the nail polish love was still strong! So in 2019 I'm determined to showcase a few more of my nail polishes than I did last year. I got quite a few new ones for Christmas that I'm dying to show you, but first of all I thought I'd talk about an oldie but a goodies, Nails Inc - Victoria.

Victoria is probably one of Nails Inc's oldest and best selling shades, and it's probably one of the oldest Nails Inc polishes that I own. I do own a slightly newer version but for these pictures I decided to use my old faithful bottle, which is still in excellent condition, despite its advancing years, and is surely a testament to the continuing quality of the brand.

For many years shades like Victoria were seen as a bit unusual and a bit left field, but far from being unusual nowadays you would probably categorise it as a true modern classic. Victoria is one of those deep, dark almost black reds, similar to the shade popularised by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. It looked amazing on her short and since my nails are pretty short at the moment I thought I'd dig it and revisit an old favourite.

Packaged in the original Nails Inc bottle with one of their earliest logos, the bottle has a short, thin straight brush. Now I love the wide, curved brushes that you now get with the majority of Nails Inc polishes but because my nails are quite short at the moment, this one was probably slightly easy to paint with.

Despite it's age the coverage was still pretty decent. This is one of those polishes that changes colour slightly depending on how many coats you apply, I applied two here, but if you wanted a redder finish you could potentially just apply the one. It actually looks pretty black here but in real life it's definitely more of a red wine shade.

Even though my bottle is probably due its pension in nail polish land it still pretty quickly and the wear time was decent. Like a lot of dark polishes, Victoria is one of those colours though that needs to be applied well and unfortunately when dark shades like this chip it's very noticeable so for maximum wear time I would definitely recommend a good top coat and I would also recommend a decent base coat, and a good nail polish remover because deep shades like this do have a tendency to stain the nails at least in the short term x

I've actually worn this shade a few times over the last month or so, I think it's a perfect wintry shades, but as much as I love it on it's own I've also had a little play with it, and I applied Nails Inc's Cosmic Blur over the top, to give it a fab duo chrome, iridescent, flip finish. You can check it out if you haven't already in my Nails Inc Cosmic Blur Gift Set review here x

This is a gorgeous wearable, yet sophisticated, yet fashionable colour that really has stood the test of time. No matter what your age, your skin tone, or whether your nails are long or short, this colour really is a must have. It fabulous on its own but you can also play with and use it a base colour for nail art and for sparkly, holographic and iridescent top coats. If you don't already own this colour, then buy it, you won't be disappointed!

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