Saturday 22 September 2018

A Small September Primark Haul - Knitwear and Jewellery

As I mentioned in my previous Primark haul post isn't it always the way, you don't go somewhere for months, and then some how you ended up pretty much living there. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration but 3 trips to Primark in 3 weeks is pretty good by my standards! On my last visit a week or so ago, the store was in full on Autumn / Winter mode with loads of woollies, checks and tartans and a decidedly autumnal colour palette of rich browns, reds and mustard's!

I love mustard so so much, the foodstuff I can take or leave but come this time of year I love a nice splash of old gold, or mustard yellow in my wardrobe. I've got shirts, shoes, boots, bags and cardigans but having a look through my jumper drawers I couldn't seem to find any mustard jumpers, well ones that fitted anyways, so for just £5 this one made it's way into my basket

On my last trip Primark had a whole rack full of super soft cosy jumpers, in several different styles for just £5. My mam had already picked up a couple of basic crew sweaters but I loved the slightly boyfriend feel of of this mustard yellow one. It has small side slits, a rounded v neck, and a ribbed detail panel down the front. I got this in the new 2 XL size, which Primark describe as a 22/24 because I wanted it to be nice and sloppy. I'm planning on wearing this with a white or black t-shirt or vest underneath, skinny jeans, and either mustard or black ankle boots or black knee highs for a cozy autumn and winter look x

Now if you did have a read of my August Primark haul then you might recognise both the shape and style of these next two sweaters.

Whilst these two jumpers share both the same back zip details, and the boxy, oversized shape that the red tartan top has, these ones are made from much more of a knit type fabric, compared to the thicker slightly more sweatshirt feel of the version in my previous Primark haul This navy blue marl one in particular feels like a proper lightweight jumper. This one is a little on the thin side so you probably would need to wear something underneath but as they several thinner layers are sometimes better than one thick layer of clothing.

I do love a bit of animal print so I couldn't resist picking this version as well. For a long time animal print was seen as a bit tacky but nowadays it's as acceptable as stripes, and it's almost seen as a classic, must have print. I think the odd hint works way better than wearing it from head to foot and this jumper is the perfect way to wear the print in the slightly colder months.

This one is just a touch thicker than the blue marl version but I would probably still wear a t-shirt or a camisole under it for a little bit of extra warmth. Again I think it would work really well with skinny jeans or even leggings, or skinny black trousers. I think all of these tops are going to be a real autumn and winter go to for me. They are the ultimate in layering tops and I think they would work right the way through the colder months and well into spring. There were a few different patterns and colours to choose from so you could pick up a few and your autumn and winter wardrobe would be pretty much done. They are only £5 each so you really could afford to go for one in every colour.

I must admit I do love knitwear; As much I love the sun and the warmth of summer, there is something about snuggling up in a cosy cardigan or jumper that I can't resist. I think I'm probably in a minority but fashion wise I'm definitely an Autumn and Winter girl, I love knitwear, boots, and scarves, this is my season, and whilst I don't really need any more jumpers or cardigans I can't guarantee that a few more won't slip into my wardrobe before Spring comes around again. I'm currently craving a bottle green, chunky cardigan after one mysteriously appeared in one my dreams earlier this week, but alas I can't find one outside of my fantasies so if you know where I can find one then hit me up and make my dreams come true x

Something that I think goes perfectly with  chunky knitwear, long line cardigans and plain jumpers, is a statement necklace, I have more than I can probably remember but I'm always up for adding new ones and on my last trip to Primark I picked up this tassel details necklace which was reduced from £3 to just £1, well it would have been wrong not to!

With a thin, long line, gold tone chain, this necklace is all about the pendant - it's big and bold, with a greenish, dark stone, a golden half disc, and a teal, blue green fabric tassel. They also had the matching earrings but since I have quite small ears they were probably just a little bit too big and showy for me, but if you can carry off a real statement look then I would definitely pick up the set.

So that's your lot it wasn't a very big haul but I think I picked up a few really useful and wearable pieces, as per usual I've made a video to accompany this haul which you can watch below or via this link x

Let me know if you have any comments or questions, and don't forget to check out my Instagram for more hauls on my stories including a recent NEXT sale haul, and some new nails polishes x

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  1. I love what you've picked up. Mustard colour is the best and the leopard print top looks so cool!


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