Sunday 6 May 2018

Miss Beauty Nail Colour - 374 Tiffany - Nails Of The Day

Nail polishes come in at all different price points now, but does paying more really mean that you get a better product? In my experience, no, not always, OK I've never shelled out £38 on a Christian Louboutin polish but I am partial to salon brand nail polishes, and I have bought the occasional polish from a higher end make up brand, but I have to say though that sometimes, I've been way happier with a cheaper polish from a budget friendly brand. You pays your money you takes your choice I guess, but for me you certainly don't have to spend a fortune on a nail polish to get a good one.

Case in a point, a recent (okay, not so recent!) purchase from Poundworld's own cosmetic brand, Miss Beauty, the Miss Beauty Nail Colour in 374 Tiffany.

As the name would suggest Tiffany is one of those pale, mint green, almost turquoise shades. I'm slightly obsessed with shades like this, especially at this time of year when they look so fresh, and spring like on the nails, whatever the length.

The bottle itself has a slightly contoured cap which makes it nice and easy to hold. The brush isn't the thickest but the quality seems decent with no splaying and no loose hairs, and it was pretty easy to paint with.

The cream formulation looked pretty streaky after coat number one, but it dried really quickly and two coats was enough for full coverage on the majority of my nails. The finish was really smooth and glossy and for the price, and my polish hating nails the wear time was pretty decent. I managed 3 days plus without a chip.

The colour certainly isn't that original but if you're a fan of this type of colour, then there are definitely worse polishes on the market than Tiffany. The Miss Beauty stand in my local Poundworld is always a mess and half empty but if you can get your hands on this shade, in my opinion it's £1 well spent.

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