Thursday 18 May 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick - Bosworth's Beauty

As I've mentioned on numerous occasions I firmly believe that you can find amazing make up and beauty products at all price points. When it comes to make I probably own a lot more than the average person, but I would say that about 75% of my collections is made up of drugstore and bargain buys.

I love getting more bang for my buck as the saying goes but every now and again I do like to splash out and treat myself to the occasional high end make up item. Over the years my financial situation has changed quite a bit and from buying high end beauty products every week, I now only splurge on high end beauty products every now and then, or I rely on birthday and Christmas presents to get that high end beauty hit.

I regularly make high end beauty wishlists though, and my list at the moment contains about a dozen products from one of the must have brands of the moment, Charlotte Tilbury. It's hard to believe that this make up artist led line has only been available since 2013. In such as short time, compared to a lot of other high end brands, Charlotte Tilbury really has gone on from strength to strength, producing lust worthy product, after lust worthy product.

My Charlotte Tilbury collection is tiny compared to some peoples but I always try to buy carefully and I try to buy products that I know that I'll love and that I'll use. Apart from the lipstick charms set that I've already reviewed (read my review here) I also own one of her Cheek To Chic colours, the Wonder Glow Primer and 3 full size lip colours. I'm going to review all of these products in due course, but I thought I'd start off by reviewing something that I think Charlotte Tilbury does incredibly well and that's lipstick.

There are an awful lot of lipsticks in the Charlotte Tilbury line but today I'm going to focus on a lipstick from her Hot Lips range. This is a range of 12 lipsticks that are named after, and are inspired by 12 inspirational, female celebrities, including Liv Tyler, Nicole Kidman and Kate Bosworth.

I have a few lipsticks from this range on my wishlist but the first one that I treated myself to, is the Kate Bosworth inspired, Bosworth's Beauty.

Everything about this lipstick just screams vintage glamour, from the vintage look, ridged metal tube embossed with the Charlotte Tilbury logo, to the 1950's style statement pink colour. Whilst this lipstick itself may be inspired by the 1950's and the glamorous Hollywood era, the ingredients and the technology means that this lipstick firmly belongs in the 21st Century,

With a modern luminous modern matte finish, these lipsticks are made from an award winning formulation that included orchid extract, and voluminsing 3D pigments, that even in a cream formulation like this one, deflect and reflect the light to create the illusion of fuller looking lips.

Each lipstick is also embossed with the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips logo, and the lipstick itself also features a specially designed and exclusive, square, angled tip, which is designed to mimic a lip brush for perfect application every time.

I know products aren't all about the packaging or at least they shouldn't be, but it's hard not to get a little bit excited by the packaging of this lipstick. The weighty, metal tube reminds me a bit of my Grandma and the cosmetics that she used to use, it definitely has that vintage glamour feel, only with a slight modern twist thanks to the rose gold.

The packaging is beautiful and in my opinion so is the lipstick inside. Remove the well fitting lid, and your hit with three assaults on your senses, the vanilla and cocoa butter scent and taste, and the beautiful cool toned, bright pink colour.

This lipstick is very pigmented, but thanks to the ergonomically designed square tip it's actually really easy to apply within your lip line, and thanks the angled edges you can even use it to line your lips and accentuate your lip line.

Yes this is a matte lipstick, but if you're not a matte lipstick fan then don't worry. This is about as far a way from an old fashioned, dry crusty, matte lipstick as you could ever get. It has a smooth and silky texture, and it leaves a smooth matte but not flat or dry, finish. Thanks to the matte finish this lipstick wears incredibly well on me, in fact I can honestly say that this is one of the longest wearing lipsticks that I've worn in a very long time. If you have really dry lips then you might need a little bit of lip balm underneath or maybe on top, but in my experience it certainly didn't leave my lips feeling flaky or any drier.

I'm not going to lie this lipstick isn't cheap, the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipsticks retail at £24 for a 3.5g bullet, but in my opinion it's well worth it. Yes the packaging is beautiful and it's one of those products that you will be proud to take out of your make up bag, but this lipstick is so much more than its packaging. The technology means that it applies and wears well and the colour is beautiful what more could you want. If you fancy picking up this lipstick you can purchase Charlotte Tilbury online from her official website, as well as from John Lewis, House Of Fraser, Selfridges, Feelunique, Harvey Nichols, Cult Beauty and in selected Fenwick stores including Newcastle Upon Tyne. Are you a Charlotte Tilbury fan? Let me know your recommendations x

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  1. I love charlotte tilbury lipsticks, this shade is so pretty my favourite is Penelope pink!


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