Saturday 6 May 2017

A Late April 2017 Primark Haul - Clothes, Jewellery And Beauty

Following on from Thursday's fashion post I thought I'd share a little Primark haul from last month with you. I'm not really feeling clothes shopping at the moment but I did manage to pick up a few basic, everyday clothing items, and some beauty and home bits.

We'll start off with the clothes, and as I said in my last post, I think we should really start breaking some of those fashion rules, and be proud and confident to wear what we like, when we like. For some many people wearing strips, and especially horizontal stripes when you're a bit bigger is a no, no but I love a stripe and luckily for me the shops at the moment are full of them and Primark is no exception.

Although we're heading towards the summer now and the warmer weather is hopefully around the corner, I've always got room in my drawers or my wardrobe for another long sleeve t-shirt. It looks black in the picture about but I think this one is actually a dark navy blue, with a thin, white stripe. I love long sleeve t-shirts in the colder months, and on cooler dats and I love to layer them up under jumper and cardigans, and on my trying new things day's I've even been known to throw the odd baggy vest on the top. They are a real wardrobe staple no matter how you wear them and this one was just £4.

I also bought another striped top on the day but take a tip from me and always make sure that the size of the top or the clothing item matches the size on the hanger. It's a tip that applies to most shops but particularly to Primark. I haven't been a size 8 for a long time now, and although I did try to try it on, I had to admit defeat before I'd even got it over my head, and return it. Never mind I did manage to repurchase the top in the correct size this week, so I have another Primark haul coming up on the blog next week.

Back to April's visit though, and the only other clothing item that I picked up was another t-shirt, and as soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to have it. It's just a plain over sized t-shirt with the words "I JUST CAN'T TODAY" printed on it in black and it was just £6. This is one of my fibro / CFS flare mottos, and it's one I use all too frequently so why not try and make a joke out of it. It's perfect for when I'm lacking energy or for when the judge and the jury on Twitter and Facebook are getting me down!

That was it for clothes but as per usual I also picked up a piece of jewellery. I'm really getting back into earrings again at the moment which sounds weird for someone with four piercings in each ear but sometimes you do get stuck in a rut. For years and years bar the odd holiday or special occasion change, I just had a small gold or silver hoop in each piercing, but since the start of the year, I've been trying to mix it up and wear different earrings in my first hole.

It can be a bit awkward wearing certain earrings when you have multiple ear piercings and small ears like me, so I tend to either go for different hoops, creoles, studs or for some of drop. These gold tone, crystal spray earrings are perfect, they are really delicate, they are really easy to wear and they were just £1.

I only bought one home item on this visit and it was a storage item. This pink tote / storage bag was just £3 and I think it will be ideal for storing make up, or skincare in either my bedroom, or the bathroom. They are made of a lightweight canvas style fabric, and there are lots of different designs and colours to choose from, This bright pink one has the words "Beauty Is My Business" printed on it in black.

When Primark first launched in the UK, their beauty selection was almost non existent, then as the brand grew, a lot fun and super cheap products started appearing on the shelves. Some of their early make up and beauty attempts were a little bit hit and miss (you can read about some of them here) but their current selection is a world away from those early days. You can now pick up brands like Nivea, Cocoa Brown, Creightons, Hask, and Carmex alongside a wide range of well priced make up, skin, hair and body care lines, and beauty tools sold under their own branding.

There are a couple of Primark's own brand beauty products that I love, their £1 cuticle oil, and the £1 facial wipes that I bought on this trip are now staples in my beauty routine, but I'm really fancying branching out and trying some of their newer make up releases.

This was one of their newer make up products that I fell in love with on site. This is the PS Pure Glow Highlighter in the shade Rose Prosecco.

What can I say about this apart from just look at it! It's beautiful in all senses of the word. Okay the plastic packaging is pretty basic but it's practical, and just look at what it's housing! This fabulous peachy, coral, rose gold, swirly highlighter is just so easy on the eye that it's untrue.

Swatch it and you greeted with pigmented shimmery, metallic loveliness, that you could wear as either a highlighter or as a fabulous blush depending on your skin tone. I did think that was a possibility that it was just an over spray and whilst it is a touch darker in colour there is still plenty of sheen and shimmer underneath.

For just £3 i think that this product is a real bargain, it's looks as beautiful in the pan as it does on the face. I'm not sure if it comes in any more shades but if you love a bit of rose gold, metallic or shimmer, then I would definitely recommend that you pick this up.

Some would argue that I've probably saved the best item till last, and as much as I love the other things that I picked up I think I'd have to agree with them. If you're a regular reader or watcher of my Primark haul's then you will probably already know that I'm a big fan of their make up brushes. I've got quite a few of their matte black brushes with the rose gold ferrules but this set that I picked up last month really takes my Primark make up brush love in to the next level.

Are these not the most Instagram worthy make up brushes that you've ever seen? They're going to be insta famous and they know it. From the small silver cosmetic bag with the words 'INSTA GIRL" printed on the front to the white, and grey marble designed handles, this brush set is social media ready!

For just £7 you get a silver zip fastening cosmetic bag and 5 good sized, make up brushes. You get a Powder Brush, a Stippling Brush, a Concealer Brush, an Eyeshadow Brush, and an Angled Eyebrow Brush.

These brushes don't just look good, the quality is superb as well, the hairs are super soft, and they look and feel as though they are synthetic. The handles are chunky and easy to hold, and been slightly smaller than a full size, and coming with a small make up bag their ideal for travel or when you are on the go. I have a bit of a make up brush addiction but these are a lovely addition to my collection and with the marble handles they're right on trend social media wise- what more could you want for less than a tenner ;)

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