Wednesday 19 April 2017

Essie - Pret-A-Surfer - Nails Of The Day

I'm back today with another nails of the day post, but unlike today's slightly gloomy weather, this shade is a little bit more Spring like.

As much as I always like to go my own way with nail polish, and I try not to stick to on trend and seasonal colours, I have to admit that I am quite partial to a spring pastel. This isn't a conventional pastel shade I guess but it's still a beautiful one and it falls into one of my favourite shade families, for nail polish, blue and purple.

Essie Pret-A-Surfer is a super pretty shade from their Summer 2015 collection, and it's described by various sources as everything from a blue creme, to an immersive marine blue, but for me it's one of those bluey, lilac, almost periwinkle blue shade.

I do love Essie polishes, but they can vary a lot depending on the shade and the finish. This is a classic cream polish, and this particular one has a fairly wide brush and a fairly viscious formulation. With careful application you could probably get away with just one coat with this one but as per usual I've gone for two coats, for full coverage, and an extra glossy finish.

Unfortunately this wasn't the longest wearing polish that I've ever worn possibly down to the thickness, but a good top coat would probably make a bit of difference when it comes to longevity.

This wasn't the neatest manicure I've ever done I'm afraid but I just hope that I've done this lovely colour justice. Despite the fact that it's a cream polish it does seem to change colour ever so slightly depending on the lighting conditions, but whether it's lighter or darker it still falls into one of my favourite colour families. No matter what the shade you're looking for though, if you're looking for a DBP,  Toluene and Formaldehyde free polish then it's hard to look past Essie, and that's the reason why they are one of my favourite nail polish brands. You can pick up full price Essie polishes in a lot of retailers now such as Superdrug and Boots, but if like me you're a bit of bargain hunter then take a look at local discount stores and stalls such as Beauty Outlet, and websites such as Fragrance Direct to find yourself some bargain Essie polishes for around £2.99. Do you like Essie polishes? Let me know your favourites x

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