Wednesday 7 December 2016

Nails Inc Multivitamin - Clarence Avenue - Nails Of The Day

After a little unplanned break I'm trying to get back on track again and tackle the mountains of posts that I wanted to get finished before Christmas - I'm not sure I'll manage them all now unfortunately but I'm definitely going to try my best. 

Today's post as the title may suggest, is a nails of the day the post all be it one from quite a few weeks ago now.

Nails Inc Clarence Avenue is a beautiful deep purple shade and a shade that I wore for the most recent Intu Metrocentre Style Garden event (you can read about the event here). I wore just a plain jersey from Boohoo, in a similar shade and if you follow me on Instagram you'll also now that I stepped way out of my comfort zone and  I teamed it up with a deep purple lipstick from Make Up Revolution.

I'm going to try and show you the dress in a future but today I'm concentrating on the nail polish. Clarence Avenue is one of Nails Inc's Limited Edition Multivitamin polishes that are / were exclusive to QVC in the UK. The polishes are designed to care and nourish the nails crammed full of vitamin complexes including vitamins B5, C and E, and Zinc and Calcium.

The polish came in Nails Inc's newest style of bottle, and all you need to do it pull off the chunky, square silver lid, to reveal a easy to grip, ridged handle underneath. All the polishes and products from Nails Inc in this chunky style bottle, feature the same wide brush which perfectly contours and shapes to the cuticle. 

With the deep colour and my favourite type of brush you would think that application would be a breeze but in this case I did find it a bit of a struggle. The polish was quite thick but unfortunately the coverage wasn't the best, and I needed at least two coats on each nail. The polish dried fairly quickly though and the finish was super glossy. Wear time though was a bit disappointing and I had my first chip after less than two days. Like I always say though a good top coat might have made all the difference.

I know you always have to be more careful when you apply darker colours but this was a lot more difficult than I'd hoped, throw in the poor wear time and I'm left wondering if it was worth it. Despite that I do love the colour though, this deep, dark purple, is both funky and sophisticated at the same time. Unfortunately I can't seem to find this shade online either in the multivitamin or the original Nails Inc formulation, but I don't think it would be too hard to find something similar. Do you like this deep, dark purple shade? Let me know x 

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