Saturday 17 December 2016

A Very Late And Tiny November 2016 Primark Haul

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date! Well I'm not really I'm just so far behind with life that it's untrue. I still haven't wrapped all of my Christmas presents, I still haven't sent any cards and my festive blogging plans of gone completely out of the window!

I have a pretty busy week ahead but I'm still going to try and squeeze in as many posts and videos as I can, and unlike a lot of bloggers I probably won't be taking any time off social media throughout the holidays, so if you fed up of all those repeats on the TV, you'll probably find some new content from me to amuse you x

Today though I've got another haul for you, and today it's a teeny, tiny very belated Primark haul. In fact that one is so late I already have another one in the pipeline. I've been trying to be good and buy for other people over the last month or so, and whilst I've definitely done that I've also picked up a few bits for myself! What can I say? I love shopping whether it's for family and friends or for myself.

First up something super festive, this ridiculously cute reindeer t- shirt! I do love a Christmas jumper but when your cooking and wrapping presents it can get a little bit toasty, so I also have a few Christmas themed t-shirts in my collection. This believe it or not is the size 20 and it's still a little on the snug side, the sizing is definitely a bit off with these so if you can, go up a size or two. They only had a couple of these when I was in the Intu Metrocentre store yesterday, but they did have a few other designs including the ever popular "Mince Pies Before Guys" which like this one was just £2.50.

In keeping with the reindeer theme I couldn't resist picking up yet another pair of Christmas earrings. I've bought so many pairs over the years but by the time the festive season comes round I can never find them x These are just chunky reindeer head studs and they were just £1. If you're still after some festive earrings take my advice and get a move on. Primark had virtually nothing Christmas related left yesterday and a few other stores were pretty much out of festive jewellery as well. I'm still after some snowmen to go with my Christmas day outfit and some Christmas puddings, so if you seen any around while you've been perusing the UK high street then leave me a comment and let me know x

I said this was a small haul and I only bought one other thing that was vaguely fashion related, a blanket wrap. I love all of the browns, tans and autumnal shades in this one and I can't wait to team it up with some skinny jeans and some brown or tan boots. I already have a grey checked one but I don't actually wear it that often because it keeps falling off my shoulders! That one has sleeves where as this one is more of a true wrap. I'm hoping that it will be a bit more flexible, and I'll be able to just wrap and go, we'll see though! This was just £10 and it has a good weight to it, they have a couple of more different patterns and colours though if this one isn't too your taste x

The final two items that I bought were both beauty related x I've been experimenting with my lip colour a little bit lately and whilst I think I'll always stay fairly true to my nudes and pale pinks, I've been playing with wines, reds and even purples and I've actually been enjoying the experience. The only trouble is with darker and more dramatic shades is the application. With a more neutral colour it's pretty easy just to apply it straight from the bullet, and whilst I know plenty of people who can do that with a more standout shade I'm not one of them. My lips aren't that even so I always tend to look as though I've been eating a jam doughnut! My only options therefore are to stock up on lip pencils and to dig out a lip brush or two.

I'm a huge fan of the Primark PS brushes, and this set of 3 Lip Brushes, was just £3, or if you want to look at it another way, just £1 per brush!

The set contains three different shaped lip brushes, with the signature rose gold tone, ferrule, and the matte black handles.

You get an angled precision brush, and an angled cupids bow brush to create that perfect outline and you also get a more domed tip brush to fill in your lips.

The final thing that I got was something that I've been debating whether or not to try for a long time, a make up cleansing cloth.

This type of product has been on the market for a little while now at a lot of rapidly differing, price points. The concept is simple it's a cloth usually made from a micro fibre or a velour, that you can use to remove your make up. Where these cloths differ though from a bog standard muslin or micro fibre cloth is that with these you supposedly don't need any form of facial cleanser, you just need warm water.

This cloth was just £1.50 and for that you get a pretty pink, super soft, edged micro fibre cloth. I haven't tried it yet but even if it doesn't work with just water, I can still use it alongside a cleansing cream or a balm. I'll probably stick something up on either my Instagram (I'm @LouLou699) or on my Snapchat ( I'm durhamloulou) to let you know my thoughts when I've had a chance to try it x

So that was it, short and very sweet, the complete opposite of me lol. I've managed to upload a little video to my You Tube channel to accompany this haul, which you can see here or below x

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