Monday 7 November 2016

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Nail Laquer - Helene*

"I don't feel dressed without nail lacquer. It's as essential to me as lipstick"
This quote comes from probably one of the glamorous women of modern times. She's an actress, a businesswoman, an author, a Dame and an icon. Who am I talking about? Joan Collins of course. Like most people my age I remember Joan Collins from the 1980's soap opera Dynasty. There was no doom and gloom in Dynasty, it was all about cat fights, shoulder pads, and glamour. and it's heart was the queen bee herself, Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington / Colby / Dexter.

Although her work on Dynasty is only a small part of her illustrious career, the whole glamour and style aspect of it sums up the woman herself. Although she's now a grandmother and in her 80's, she's still as beautiful and as stylish as she ever was, and is showing no sign of slowing down.

One of the mantras that she lives by is the idea that beauty isn't just for the young, and she's a firm believer that you can still look good at any age, as long as you have the right products, the right tools and the right outlook.

Over the years Ms Collins spent a lot of time learning from stylists and make up artists, and now Joan has decided to pass on all of her expertise and the tips she's learnt by releasing her own line of beauty products, Timeless Beauty.

The range comprises of a wide range of luxury make up products, accessories and fragrances, that are designed to appeal to women of all ages. A little while ago now I was lucky enough to be sent two products from the Timeless Beauty range to try, a lipstick and in case you hadn't already guessed from the quote above, a nail lacquer.

The lipstick post should be up later this week but today I'm sharing a beautiful and classic nails of the day with you. There are 17 shades of Nail Lacquer to choose from in the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty line, and I was sent Helene.

The polish comes beautifully packaged in matte black, and gold box, with images of both Joan and the product on the back. Open the box and you're greeted with probably the most chicest bottle of nail polish that I've ever owned. The faceted glass bottle is topped with a long ridged, gold tapered handle which gives the polish a real vintage look. I remember going through my grandmas dressing table drawers when I was younger, and spying a similar bottle, so this one brought back a lot of happy memories. The handle isn't just for show though, it's perfectly weighted for ease of application, and the ridges mean that it's really easy to hold.

All of the polishes are named after glamorous women and this one is Helene. Helene is one of those colours that everybody needs to own, it's a classic blue based red, that goes with anything and that you can wear for any occasion, and whether your nails or long or short.

The brush was good, and because of the specially designed handle it was really easy to paint. The polish was very pigmented, and the coverage was excellent. It was also very self levelling, so I got no streaks, and it dried quickly. If you were in a rush you could probably get away with one coat but as per usual I went for two coats which as you can see produced a glossy, almost wet look finish. Although the shine did fade a little after a day or so, the wear time was still pretty good and of course you could always use a top coat to extend the wear and to bring back the gloss.

Nothing screams glamour more than a red nail polish, and this one takes the word glamour to another level. From the involvement of the lady herself, to the vintage style packaging and the formulation, this polish give you that chic movie star look, even if your wearing a pair of jeans rather than diamonds and an evening gown! This shade is perfect for the festive season but I think that any product from this line would make an ideal gift for anyone in your life be it your gran, or even for a friend that loves that vintage Hollywood look and style. Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Nail Lacquer in Helene retails at £13 for a 12ml bottle. The Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range is available from various retailers in the UK including QVCUK,  selected M&S stores and online, from Urban Retreat and from the Timeless Beauty website. Have you tried anything from the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty line? and are you a fan of red polish? Let me know your thoughts below x


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