Thursday 17 November 2016

Hair Removal Series - Part 1 - How Laser Hair Removal Works

With the party season now on the horizon, it's time to start getting ourselves party ready. It's time to pick up that fabulous outfit, and book that hair appointment and for most of us it's time to start removing that pesky excess hair. Hair removal isn't the most glamorous of topics, but it's something that an awful lot of us do and it can make a real difference to our self confidence and to our self image. I've talked about hair removal a few times on the blog and in the run up to Christmas I'm going to be talking about some more of the most popular temporary hair removal methods and products on the market. Today though I'm going to start of by talking about a more permanent hair removal method, Laser Hair Removal.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

We've all done hair removal at home, Wax strips or razors or plucking individual hairs with a pair of tweezers! Still, the hairs grow back and we are right back where we started from. It doesn't matter what method we try, the hairs always grow back. That's where laser hair removal comes in; Performed in a clinic, professional laser hair removal lasts far longer, and with repeated treatments, may even be permanent.

At Home Hair Removal

Removing hair at home means that the hair grows back fairly quickly. Razors don't work very well because the blades remove hair just above the surface of the skin, so there's stubble the very next day. Using hot wax can easily burn the skin, if you're not careful, and cold wax strips wind up being pretty expensive to remove hair in larger areas like the legs. Using tweezers to pluck individual hairs hurts, and has to be repeated over and over again, and depilatories and creams use chemicals to break down the hairs, but those chemicals can also cause allergic reactions and burn the skin.

Why Don't At Home Methods Work?

When you remove hair at home, your either cutting the hair follicles or yanking them from the skin. It does nothing to destroy the root, so the hair continues to grow. Even hair removal creams just break the follicles by breaking down the proteins within the hair,  and whilst it means that hair can be just wiped away, it does nothing to prevent the hair from growing back in the long term.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The great thing about professional laser hair removal is that the hair doesn't grow back for a long time and what hair that does grow back comes in finer than before. It can take as little as three to as many as seven sessions to make it permanent. After that you may need to return once in a while to catch any hairs that do grow back.

How Hair Removal Lasers Function

Hair removal lasers use brief bursts of light energy to target the hair follicles. They heat the follicles until the root is destroyed. In order to stop further growth, you must catch the root in the right stage of development. If you want to make the removal permanent, it will take several more sessions to catch all of the hairs. Even if you just have a one off session the hair shouldn't grow back for quite a while, and when it does it will be finer than it was before.

How Much Will It Cost? 

Cost is determined by several different factors. The size of the area being treated determines how much time it will take to treat. For instance the legs are a large area and will take far longer to treat, than say the face. The more time that it takes, the more it will cost. How many sessions you need will also affect the cost. A one off session to get beach or party ready obviously won't cost as much as the several sessions that you would need to attain permanent hair removal. There is also the matter of who is carrying out the laser treatment (be is a technician, a therapist or a licensed physician), and of course where you're located can also affect the price.

What Parts Of The Body Can Be Treated?

Laser hair removal can be used on all parts of the body, from the legs to the bikini line, and the upper lip. The technician or therapist can adjust the laser settings to safely remove hair from both tougher skin and from more delicate areas.

There is no doubt that laser hair removal can be expensive but if excess hair is a problem then it could be a price worth paying. It's definitely something that I would consider trying in the future so if you've tried laser hair removal let me know your thoughts below x 

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