Tuesday 25 October 2016

Lou On Nail Posts And A Nails Of The Day - Nails Inc - Royal Mews

Although they're often the quickest posts to write, nails of the day post can often by one of the hardest posts to do. Not only do you have to paint your nails as perfectly as possible, you then have to take and edit, dozens and dozens of pictures in order to capture the shade in it's truest form. I'm a bit of a perfectionist I'm afraid and even if I've photographed the most beautiful polish in the world , if it doesn't look right, the post will never see the light of day, unfortunately Models Own Diamond Luxe Asscher Blue I'm talking to you!

Never mind, that one polish fail means that I've got the opportunity to show you something equally if not more beautiful, Nails Inc - Royal Mews.

Although in the bottle  this looks as though it's a slightly iridescent silver, on the nails it's a beautiful silver holograph. I think holographic polishes are probably my favourite polishes in the whole world, I love the sparkle, and I love how the colour and the finish changes, depending on the light and how you move.

The polish itself is a little bit watery, and I needed three coats to cover my naturally creamy nail tips. Thankfully though it didn't take too long to dry down to a super smooth finish which is definitely worth a bit of extra drying time. Unlike a lot of holographic polishes the wear time on this one was pretty decent, and it could always be improved with a bit of topcoat.

All of these photographs are taking with the flash but I also managed to take the following picture in natural daylight with a bit of sunshine, so you can see how the colour can change from a bright sparkle to a more subtle holographic shimmer.

This isn't the sparkliest holographic polish that I've ever used but it's still a real beauty. Alas I think that this polish is a long gone limited edition, but you could always have a look on ebay, and pray for a reintroduction, Nails Inc sometimes do bring back discontinued shades so you never know. If not have a look around and I'm sure you will find something similar. Holographic polishes aren't the most common of things unfortunately but you can usually find a few different ones from overseas on ebay. Are you a fan of holographic polishes? Let me know your favourites x

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