Saturday 27 February 2016

Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water - A Review For My Pure*

At the moment we're slap bang in the middle of all of the fashion weeks, we've already had New York, and London, this week it's Milan and then finally Paris. As well as clothes and accessories, the various fashion weeks also showcase some of the key beauty and hair trends for the upcoming seasons, I love seeing the clothes and the bags but I also love seeing sneaky peeks of new make up and beauty products and new beauty trends.

Like a lot of people I've been surfing the net, and checking out magazine and blogs for behind the scenes pics from some of my favourite designers catwalk shows, and I have one word manic! The preparation that must go into the shows, and  the stress backstage is something that looks way beyond me, everything needs to be done quickly and perfectly and that includes the skincare and the make up.

There is no time for a full cleanse in between outfit changes or shows, so a lot of make up artists tend to use the quick fire option. In the old days a lot of artists used to use baby wipes and I'm sure that many still do but something that you now see backstage at a lot of shows and shoots is micellar water.

Whilst I still buy wipes for swatch clean ups and emergencies I've really grown to love the convenience, speed, and skincare benefits of micellar water, and I for one am grateful that it's something that's now available to all and at all price points. I've tried quite a few micellar and cleansing waters now, and whilst I've found a couple that I love I'm always looking to try new ones just in case I find something better. I've tried a couple of micellar waters from My Pure now, but recently a new one popped up on the site so I decided to give it a go.

Back in November I tried my first product from Australian, brand Sukin, and I was impressed not only by the product but also by the fact that they are a ethically run family business that are committed to producing high quality, affordable and effective beauty products using only the finest botanical extracts, essential and natural ingredients. Their range encompasses a variety of hair, body and skincare items and I was delighted to see that they produced a micellar water.

The Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water is suitable for all skin types and is designed not only to gently cleanse the skin, removing make up and impurities but it also contains a variety of ingredients to help soothe and soften the skin including chamomile, cucumber and aloe vera.

The cleansing water comes packaged in a quite, utilitarian plastic bottle with an easy to use flip top cap. It might not be the most attractive bottle ever but it's certainly practical, with the dark plastic protecting all of the natural extracts inside.

Although it looks quite blue is this picture it's actually just a clear liquid, that looks and feels a little bit like water, but strangely it has more of a moisturising feel than water on the skin.

Micellar waters are simple to use and this is no exception, just pour some out onto a cotton pad, and gently wipe it over the face to either freshen and cleanser the skin or to remove make up. I've been using this are my morning cleanser for the past few weeks but I've also used it to remove both a light, and a heavy make up


You can't get a fuller make up than what I'm wearing here, not the best pictures I'm afraid thanks to a strange thing called sunlight, but I'm wearing a full base - foundation, concealer and powder, powder bronzer to create a tanned look on the face and eyes, a heavy brow product, lip gloss,and a mascara that's supposedly so difficult to get off that the brand actually sells a specific remover. A pretty big test I'm sure you'll agree but how did this micellar water perform?


Arghhhh scary no make up face but as you can see this ordinary looking bottle of clear liquid did the job and it did it well. It took just four large double sided cotton pads, and a gentle sweeping motion to remove all of my face make up, and my eye and brow make up. I held the pads on the eyes for a few seconds to loosen the mascara and then with just a few gentle wipes, the mascara just melted away, with no eye bogeys left over if you what I mean. 

The product felt pleasant and cooling on the skin, and it had a pleasant fresh, vanilla scent, thanks to the inclusion of vanilla in the ingredients listing. My skin looks a touch pink in these photos but that is completely normal for me and nothing to do with the product which does feel gentle and non drying on the skin. The skin was also feeling super soft and above all clean and fresh. The only issue I had was a bit of tingling when I used too much of the  product on my eyes, my eyes can be quite sensitive so this unfortunately is a pretty regular occurrence for me.

Whilst I'm not sure whether I would purchase this product again for that reason, I would thoroughly recommend it if you want to remove a heavy make up and long wear mascara quickly and easily and if you prefer to use ethically sourced, natural products. The Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water comes in a 250ml bottle and retails at £9.99 from My Pure. Are you a fan of micellar waters? Let me know x 

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