Wednesday 17 February 2016

NOTD - AVON Gel Finish - Nude Shimmer

You can't beat a classic nude nail - it goes with absolutely anything, and it can be worn on any type of nail - long, short, round, square or even stiletto. At the risk of committing beauty treason though it can be a little bit boring! I still wear it and love it though but these days a nude nail doesn't have to be boring.

Nude Shimmer is one of AVON Gel Finish Nail Enamels and it's a real beauty. I'm a huge fan of AVON polishes and for me their Gel Finish line is even better. As well as protecting and strengthening the nails, it also leaves them with an ultra glossy finish without the hassle of having to use a UV lamp or special removal techniques.

Although it has the typical nude, milky coffee, almost taupe base, Nude Shimmer takes the nude polish look to another level. It's crammed full of multi coloured sparkles and shimmer but in a subtle way. No glitter balls here just pretty, subtle sparkles.

The Gel Finish formulation is a little bit thicker than the usual Nailwear Pro + formulation but the extra wide brush makes it super easy to apply. This is probably one of the most self levelling polishes that I've ever used. I had a couple of dints and chips in my base coat and this polish covered them with ease. I'm wearing two coats here but I could have got away with one for a lighter colour.

I'm wearing no top coat here and you can really see the gloss and shine for the gel formulation. These polishes take a little bit longer to dry but they're worth the wait and the wear time is definitely better than the traditional formula. AVON Gel Finish Nail Enamels have a recommended retail price of £7 for a 10ml bottle but take a tip from me and never pay that. They're currently online and in the most recent brochure for just £3.50 each - the offers vary but that's normally around the price that you'll pay. I'm definitely going to pick up some more of these polishes so if you have any Gel Finish recommendations please let me know x 

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