Monday 19 October 2015

OPI Hawaii Collection Little Hulas Mini Nail Lacquers And Just My Look*

When the nights start to draw in, and the temperatures start to fall there seems to be some sort of acceptance that our colour palette has to change with the changing seasons, both in fashion and in beauty. If the magazines and even some blogs are to be believed, it's time to put those hot pinks, corals and pale blues into storage and it's time to embrace those berries, wines and dark moody shades. Do you know what though? I don't want to! Although I've given up on the idea of an Indian summer, I think bright colours can cheer you up and lift your spirits, no matter what the season, No doubt I will make a few changes, but I'm still going to be embracing those bright colours and pretty pastels, especially in my nail polish, even as we head into those winter months.

OPI's Spring / Summer 2015, Hawaii collection, contained everything that you would expect from a summer collection themed around tropical islands. There were brights,and pastels, shades that go perfectly with a tan and quirky names that throw you head on into the surf. This 12 piece collection was and still is perfect for that beach holiday, but there is no reason why you can't embrace some of these bright and beautiful shades, even when the rain is pouring and the wind is howling.

A little while ago now I was sent one of the Hawaii mini collections from the lovely people at Just My Look. The Little Hulas Mini Nail Lacquer collection contains 4 of the most popular colours from the Hawaii collection only in miniature 3.5ml bottles, compared to the usual 15ml full size. I'm a huge fan of the OPI mini polishes, I mean has anyone ever finished a full sized bottle? They're ideal for travel, for trying new shades and of course for gifting, and you get exactly the same quality polish and formulation only in a mini size. All of the polishes as toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP free, and the minis also come with OPI's exclusive full sized, Pro Wide Brush.

I've had a little while to play with these polishes and try them out properly so here are plenty of pretty nails of the day pictures and some reviews x

Suzi Shops & Island Hops

The first two shades in this kit are both pretty spring / summer pastels, Suzi Shops & Island Hops is the perfect, creamy pale, strawberry milkshake pink.

Like most pale, cream polishes the first coat was quite streaky but on most nails, two coats was enough for full coverage. I've always found OPI polishes to have quite a self levelling formula and this one was no different. As per usual I tried this without a top coat and wear time was decent but this is one of those colours that you can't really touch up so once it chips off it comes.

I'm not usually a fan of shades like this but this one really grew on me. This is a perfect spring, summer colour but by the same note I think that pale pinks also work well with the pale greys and charcoals of autumn and winter.

That's Hula-rious!

Ah OPI and their quirky names, that's hilarious or should I say That's Hula-rious! Another pastel shade and this time it's a very pale mint green, it's a little bit greener though than it appearing here.

Unlike with some mini polishes the brush on these OPI minis is good, and even though the first coat was very streaky, you couldn't fault the brush or the formulation, that's just how cream polishes are. I'm wearing two coats here but to be honest I could probably have done with three. I didn't find this quite as long lasting as the previous polish but again I didn't use a top coat, which would obviously have improved wear time.

That's Hula-rious! is another perfect spring / summer pastel shade, and white based colours like this were very in this year ( see I do follow trends even if I don't stick to them ;) Although this screams new shoots, and mini eggs I see no reason why you couldn't wear this colour all year round. Again I think it would work well with grey and I think it would look really nice alongside bottle and olive green tones.

Lost My Bikini In Molokini

Ah the first bright in this kit and it's a purple. I love purple polishes and whilst I'm not convinced that I've captured this one in all its glory, Lost My Bikini In Molokini is a deep, creamy slightly smokey purple.

Application was perfect, I still needed two coats but the first coat went on easily, and the polish dried quickly, left a super glossy finish, and the wear time was excellent.

 Out of all of the colours in the Little Hulas kit this one is probably the most versatile and even if you only wear bright colours in the spring and summer then you would probably wear this one all year round. It's bright but not too bright and purple is one of those colours that works equally well if not better in the autumn and winter months. This is probably the shade that I'll get the most use out of all year round.

Aloha From OPI

Aloha from me and from OPI - At the risk of sounding a bit hypocritical, a rich creamy coral like this is your archetypal summer shade. I nearly always take some form of coral shade with me on holiday and this one would be perfect. Coral shades look amazing with a sun tan but at the same time I think that they can really warm the skin tone up in the colder months, throw in the fact that coral and oranges can make you think of autumn leaves, and chocolate oranges and you've got an all year round colour.

Application was a dream, it dried quickly and this was probably the hardest wearing polish of the four. Again this was two coats but most nails were adequately covered with one.

How can this colour not make you happy? If even a tiny glimpse of a bright coral nail makes you happy, why shouldn't you wear brights all year round x 

Although I probably wouldn't buy some of these shades in the full size, I think that this kit is great value. The polishes were of comparable quality to the the full sizes, and since these tiny 3.75ml  sizes average around 15 manicures per bottle, they are a great way of trying new colours, or deciding which full size to buy, or even for building up you nail polish wardrobe. I also think kits like this are great for gifting, stocking fillers and given the small sizes I think there a great way to introduce youngsters to a high end polish brand. The Hawaii Collection By OPI Little Hulas Mini Nail Lacquer Collection retails at £9.95 including free postage from Just My Look.

If these colours aren't to your taste Just My Look has a wide range of other OPI mini kits including the Brazil, Venice,  and 50 Shades collections, and some other gift sets and limited editions as well as a wide variety of full sizes OPI polishes. and treatments.They also sell other nail brands including CND and Morgan Taylor, as well as beauty products, and cosmetics from the like of W7, Fake Bake, Babyliss, Bed Head, Macadamia and Maybelline. if you're a beauty junkie that likes a website with free UK postage than I would definitely recommend checking Just My Look out - I may have placed a little nail polish order with them myself x

Do you divide your nail polish colours into seasons? or do you just do what I do and go with the flow? x Let me know and of course please let me know if you have any questions x Thanks for reading


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