Saturday 10 October 2015

OPI - Basque In The Sun - Nails Of The Day

I haven't exactly been prolific when it comes to posting nails of the day's recently but from today that is all going to change.

When your nails are short, like mine are at the moment, you don't really feel like showing them off but why not? Short, well maintained nails can look sophisticated and in some cases they can show of polishes better than longer more dramatic nails, so come on fellow stubby nailed ladies, show them off - well at least while you're waiting for them to grow ;) 

OPI Basque In The Sun, seems a bit of an odd choice at this time of year but for me the coppery, tan colour, with just a hint of shimmer reminds me of autumn leaves. I'm a huge lover of tan accessories and this shade works perfectly with a tan bag or even a tan leather watch strap. I teamed it with a recent dress purchase from H&M (post coming soon) which features copper, tan and blue flowers and a tan bag and I really felt coordinated and pulled together.

This colour is one of the oldest OPI's in my collection and it's still as good as it ever was. It took two coats but it dried quickly and the wear time was excellent.

Although coppers and bronzes are great with a tan and are great summer colours, I think they work perfectly with the colour palette and shades of Autumn. This colour unfortunately is long gone from stores and salons but if you have a look around, I'm sure you'd find something similar. Are you a fan of coppers and bronzes fir Autumn? Let me know x 

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