Tuesday 17 June 2014

A Very, Very Late April And May Haul Featuring Make Up Revolution, L'Oreal, Boohoo, H&M And More x

I can hardly believe that we're in the middle of June already! Alas I'm in the middle of another illness nightmare so the blog posts have tailed off again :( I'm sorry but please, please bear with me - I can't guarantee posts every day at the moment but I'm going to do my best to get at least a few up a week xx Thankfully I've had a couple of day of lucidity so I thought I'd put up a very, long overdue, April and May haul post.

I honestly didn't think I'd bought as much as I had - obviously I bought a few magazines with free gifts but it wasn't until I started sorting my bits out to photographed that I realised just how much I'd actually bought. A lot of this stuff was actually bought with birthday money which makes this haul considerably less scary - First up clothes, jewellery and accessories 

My weight loss has trailed off dramatically over the last month or so and I'm still struggling to lose the weight that I gained in May, but despite this little blip I've still picked up a few clothing items, including these trousers from H&M.

I'm slowly but surely starting to embrace the patterned trouser trend, and these ones are exactly the same in size and style to the animal print ones that you can see here. 

I'm having a serious think on what exactly to wear these with, a the moment definitely white and navy, but I'm thinking of picking up maybe a vest or top in a similar green tone too. These are so, so comfortable, you honestly think that your wearing PJ's. My mum has kindly ordered me another colourway which I'll hopefully show you next month.

Next up a couple of things from boohoo that I picked up thanks to my birthday discount code - first this floral patterned scuba skirt.

I love this skirt, I love the colour and the pattern, and the almost wetsuit esq fabric.It's so summer and I can't wait to wear it, when we get some sunshine!

I also got this floral patterned t-shirt - It's a little more sheer than I would have liked but I'm loving floral patterns at the moment.

It wouldn't be me if there was no jewellery, and not wanting to disappoint  I picked up a few things this month including my Gold Stone bracelet from DYO Fabulous that you can see here, and also this bracelet set from Avon.

I have to be honest and say I was a tiny bit disappointed in this, the friendship bracelet with the word LOVE on it,it is a little bit cheaper looking and thinner than I expected. It also comes with a black faceted bead bracelet which again will be great for layering x 

As well as the bracelets I also got this ring set from H&M. It contains 3 rose gold effect, rings that can either be worn individually or layered together.

You get a little bow, a star and a slightly smaller star and a crystal.

Before I move onto the beauty products I picked up I just want to show you this Poundland bargain x 

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive an iPad Mini. It came with a sturdy case and cover but sometimes you want something a bit lighter and this simple sleeve does the trick perfectly x This size also fit my kindle and they also do a larger version for bigger iPads and tablets all for £1.

Speaking of Poundland I also got a few nail related beauty items including some more of the Nail Rock Frou Frou Nail Charms.

The last ones I got were all about ice creams and desserts, but these ones are fruity themed. There are little strawberries, orange and apple slices. They had few other Nail Rock bits in when I was there including some nail wraps and a couple of their nail caviar kits. I decided to get a caviar kit and the one I got was Neptune which came with a polish in Neptune Green, and a tub of pink and blue micro beads. I know this trend isn't to everyones taste but if you fancy giving it a go, Poundland is the the place to pick up the bits on the cheap.

Another Poundland nail bargain came from Revlon x I've looked at the fabulous polishes in their Chroma Chameleon a few times but I never made a purchase, but low and behold I spotted this beauty in Poundland.

The polishes in this range are all about the duo chrome, metallic and Pink Quartz, is a sort of pink, green, yellow, bronze hybrid.

I keep saying I'm going to stop buying nail polish but the lure is just too strong, especially when it comes to Avon -  this is one of their Speed Dry + polishes in Trance, a gorgeous turquoise shot through with sparkle x 

3 for 2's are always dangerous, and throughout April and May I picked up a few things from Superdrug including a few Make Up Revolution Items - First up Iconic 3

I think everything has pretty much already been said about this palette, the price, pigmentation and quality is first class - if your thinking of buying Naked 3, like I was, buy this and it will be all you'll need x

Next up I picked up two of their Baked Highlighters - on the left is Golden Lights and on the right is Peach Lights.

I have a real thing for highlighters and these ones are gorgeous for the price, Golden Lights is sort of an iridescent white, gold and Peach Lights is a lovely iridescent pale peachy, pink.

If you want to win your own Make Up Revolution Iconic 3 Eyeshadow Palette and your own Golden Lights Baked Highlighter, click here and quick because my giveaway ends in a few hours time xx

As if it wasn't excessive enough to buy two highlighters in two months, I actually bought 3! I'd seen this one a couple times on various blogs and instagram pages , and since all the make was on 3 for 2 I thought why not.

The L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pearl Powder in 02 Rose Radieux, admittedly has quite a bit of over spray on it but the underneath shade is a gorgeous shimmery, peachy pink. You can use this powder as an all over face colour but I think I will just be using it as a blush and highlighter.

Despite the lack of sunshine up north at the moment, it is definitely warmer than it has been, and that means that make up wise I'm moving away from heavier foundations and instead I'm embracing lighter formulations, mineral foundations, tinted moisturisers and BB creams. Although Make Up Revolution are the budget brand of the moment, one of my budget brand loves is still MUA Make Up Academy. I wasn't sure what to else to pick up in one of my 3 for 2's so I went for their BB All In One Beauty Balm in 1 Light - I haven't heard too much about this to be honest so I'll definitely stick a review up once I've had a chance to try it.

One of my favourite lip colours over the last few months has been the Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Long Lasting Intense Colour Balm in 110 Make Me Blush. I love the colour, and it's super creamy and moisturising. I loved it so much I decided to pick up another shade.

This time I went for 700 Not An Illusion, which is more of a nude / neutral shade, with a bit of warmth to it x

Apologies for the dry cracked lips, and the wild hair xx

I'm still obsessed with these lip balm, pen stain things, and whilst surveying the racks I saw Barry M's interpretation of the trend - their Gelly Hi Shine Lips

There are 5 shades to choose from and I went for GSL5 - Capella =, a gorgeous bright pink.

As you can see from the picture these are very, very creamy, they aren't as moisturising as the Rimmel oes, but they are prone to melting and smooshing, so keep them in a cool place if you can , I think mine got a tiny bit warm x Apologies again for the slightly yucky lips and the bad lighting, its actually a little brighter irl than it's showing in the lip shots  x This is also the shade that I'm wearing in the video below xx

So that was the make up but I also got a few more bits in Superdrug including a new eyebrow brush and lash comb.

..some of their own brand Lemon and Tea Tree Shower Gel which is just as nice as Original Source and usually a bit cheaper..

and finally some Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Body Lotion. This is my favourite gradual tanner and I'll be starting this bottle in the next week or so, to save the world from my pasty limbs.

My final purchase of April and May was from Boots, I'm nearly out of my both of my regular toners and I don't have too much of my Clarins Exfoliating Toner left so I decided to try this cheaper alternative. The Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner.

This toner contains AHA's and Hibiscus to brighten and freshen the skin. I'm really hoping that this will do a similar job to my Clarins one x I'll let you know x

So that was my very, very belated April / May haul as per usual, you can also watch the accompanying video here or below

and if you have any questions on anything in this post then please leave me a comment and I'll do my best to respond xx 

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