Wednesday 25 June 2014

A Review Of The Make Up Revolution Blush And Contour Palette In Sugar And Spice, And The What You Waiting For Eyeshadow Palette

Like a lot of bloggers I'm currently in the middle of a bit of a Make Up Revolution love in. I'm currently using quite a few of their products in my daily make up routine and I have to say by and large I'm impressed - I'm going to review everything in due course but as yet there is only 1 product that I don't love.

A couple of weeks ago though Make Up Revolution introduced several palettes to their already impressive range. The new introductions included 5 Salvation Eyeshadows Palettes, 3 Ultra Cover And Conceal Palettes and 2 Ultra Blush And Contour Palettes. I'm not badly off concealer wise so I passed on those but eyeshadows and blushers - bring them on!

The first problem though was which ones to buy. In an ideal world I would have bought everything but I really am trying to cut down on the amount of make up that I buy (ha ha) so I decided to be good and get just 1 eyeshadow palette and 1 blush palette.

It was love at first sight with both blush palettes but to be honest the more I thought about the more I realised that I just wouldn't get as much use out of Hot Spice at the moment. It's summer time - I'm not thinking peaches and nudes - I'm thinking corals and pinks, so I went for Sugar and Spice

Packaged in a chic, shiny black palette with a full sized mirror, Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush And Contour Palette in Sugar and Spice contains 8 powder blushers, contours and highlighters, in a combination of nudes, pinks and corals. There are two neutral shades, a nude pink and a peach tone which are great for contouring or a for barely there make up. You also get three different shades of pink, ranging from a raspberry to hot pink, and you also get a coral pink colour.  These 6 powder blushers are ridiculously smooth, creamy and pigmented, and have a matte / satin finish.

If your a shimmer fan though don't worry this palette also contains a merged baked blusher and a merged baked highlighter. The highlighter has an almost icy pink finish and the blusher is a gorgeous shimmery, bright, warm pink. Some baked products suffer from a lack of pigmentation but not these, they are soft, and the payoff is amazing.

If your starting out in make up or even if your already a make up junkie than this blush palette is for you. The pans are a good size and the blushers inside are insane. It's literally impossible to describe how soft they actually are, and the pigmentation speaks for itself. Just the tiniest dab with a brush is all you'll need. If you buy this palette and Hot Spice I'm sure that you'll have just about every blush colour you could ever need, and if you buy them both you'll only have spent £12. Yes, this palette is only £6 - crazy when you think of what you can pay for even one decent quality blusher.

How about the new Salvation eyeshadow palettes though? Do they cut the mustard? Well the hardest aspect again was which one to choose. There are 5 to choose from including Dia De Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) which contains a lot of bright shades, and Girls On Film which contains a mixture of nudes and plum based shades. I was a bit boring though and stuck to my neutrals and went for What Your Waiting For?.

Named after the Gwen Stefani song, the palette comes packaged in the same shiny black compact, and also comes complete with a full sized mirror, and a double ended sponge applicator.

The palette contains 12 shimmery shadows and 6 matte shades. All of the colours in the palette are named after lines and phrases from the song What You Waiting For?

This is probably the most neutral of the Salvation palettes, think a mixture of all 3 Naked palettes and your about there. They are browns, nudes, golds, rose gold, charcoal greys and burgundies. All of the shimmery shadows have excellent colour payoff and again are super smooth and blendable.

As well as the 12 shimmery shadows you also get 6 matte shades, in nudes, browns and a deep black. Mattes can be hitty missy no matter what the price point, so I wasn't expecting too much from these but they were exactly like a matte shadow should be. Again they were dense, smooth and very pigmented without being chalky. The first two shades don't look that pigmented here but they are, they just match my skin tone perfectly, so I'm definitely going to be using them as base colours and to brighten the my eyelids.

At the risk of repeating myself I don't know what else I can say about this palette apart from that it's amazing! The pigmentation of both the matte and the shimmer shades is superb, the textures are smooth, creamy and easy to work with and the price point is excellent. Again your paying just £6 for 18 eyeshadows!!!

When I try palettes like these it honestly makes my wonder why I buy high end make up. Yes the packaging is normally nicer and it's definitely a thrill when you buy it , but when you can pay just £6 for quality like this there really is no need. Brands like Make Up Revolution are bringing great quality make up to the masses for a great price. In case you haven't realised I love both of these palettes and I would recommend them to anyone and especially to anyone who is starting out in make up. These limited edition palettes are £6 each and at the moment are exclusive to the Make Up Revolution website

Despite the fact that I have enough make up to set up my own shop, I already have a list of  more Make Up Revolution products that I need in my life including a few more Salvation Palettes, the Hot Spice blush palette, the pressed powder and pretty much everything from their new Too Faced inspired diffusion lane I ♥ MAKEUP. I can dream!! Are you a Make Up Revolution Fan? Leave me a comment and let me know and of course if you have any questions or if there are any reviews from the brand you would like to see - type your musings below x Thanks for reading x


  1. I love reading your blog posts especially this one :) hopefully one day my blog will turn into something like yours....or at least i can dream haha

    1. What a sweet comment thank you sooo much xx I'm sure your blog is amazing (goes to find out) remember write for yourself and do what you want to do xx

  2. I absolutely love MakeUp Revolution! I used to be a total MAC addict but the quality of these products combined with the price have definitely made me think again before spending a fortune on "high end" products!


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